Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachman, an American Hero

It’s hard for an old country boy like me to wrap my tongue around a four-bit word such as sycophancy.  I can assure you this is not a word I would use in our normal everyday conversation. But just because we talk slow, use simple words and are from the country doesn’t mean we are completely void of words such as sycophant or sycophancy. I think in the east some might use toadying or obsequiousness to express a similar thought.  Those are the so-called ‘learned’ folks.  We have a lot less couth down here in Texas.  We would simply say he is a brown nose or suck up instead of a mouth full like sycophancy. Most of us Texans are prone to cut to the chase. The brilliant ones say we Texans’ are ignoramus dumb-butts.  I’d like to play a little Texas Hold ‘Em with that bunch and then we would see who was smart.  Words don’t make a man smart…to me common sense rules the day.

I bring this up because the current president only wants suck ups on his team.  He gets rid of any dissent. You are not allowed to disagree with any thing he does or says.  Do you remember the old movies where there would be a black maid and she would walk around saying, “Yes mam” or Yes ’em?”  The maid never offered any thoughts, they were there to serve the wishes of their ‘Master.’    The movie that came to mind when I was getting ready to write this blog was Gone With the Wind.  I flashed on Prissy and realized she was the perfect picture of an Obama sycophant.  Scarlet O’Hara was her master and Prissy followed her blindly.

Obama has surrounded himself with suck ups. Right now he is at war with FOX News because not everyone on that network is an Obama sycophant.  Which is so stupid.  A great number of reporters and television people on FOX are liberal.  All the conservative shows have liberals on in droves.  Maybe Glenn Beck doesn’t have many liberals on, but he is the only one. Bill O’Reilly has tons of liberal guests.  Shawn has a lot of liberals on.  Gretta has a lot of liberals on her show. 

All the other networks are in the tank, kool-aid drinkers. The White House gives them their talking points each morning and that becomes the platform for the day. Chris Mathews is such a sycophant, he gets a tingle up his leg when Obama speaks.  Let me give you an example of the White House running the liberal media.  Obama didn’t want the press to say that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a terrorist.  The obedient sycophancy media went one step farther, they omitted the fact  Hasan was a Muslim. 

Without the NEW media we wouldn’t know much about this terrorist. Newsweek and Time made him sound like a confused Boy Scout.  If you only could read these rags you might think Hasan is a radical Christian.  Newsweek and Time are suck-ups of the highest order. 

We have to turn to the NEW Media…the Internet Bloggers and News Websites to learn the truth.  Hasan signed some of his letters SoA.  Soldiers of Allah.  Some of his letters were signed under his name with SWT.  To the casual observer you might think that because he was in Killeen, he was saying South West Texas.  That is what the sycophant press would do. SWT stands Subhannanh Wa Taila, Arabic for Glory to Him, the Exalted and he is not talking about Jesus Christ. 

Could it be Obama doesn’t want attention drawn to the Muslims because of a personal reason? 

Political correctness is the most dangerous policy Obama is pushing. It’s more dangerous than the $3 Trillion dollar health care bill they rammed through the House. The military knew Hasan was a radical Muslim.  The FBI knew he was contacting or making great effort to reach the Al-Quaeda.  For fear of offending they allowed this terrorist to remain in the Army.

This morning’s San Antonio Express is a perfect example of what this blog is about.  Headline news, “Hasan, may not have shouted Allahu Akabar.”   The spin is beginning. He was a lost soul, confused and mentally unbalanced. He was no terrorist, just upset he was being shipped over to Iraq.  He has lawyered up and is not talking. Can you image 50 years ago and this had happened, his lawyer would have been charged along with the killer.  The PC Press and presidential advisors are going to spin this and the next thing we know the two city cops who took this guy down will be charge with attempted murder.  The Army will be charged, because they made him do the shooting.

I’m just a broken down cowboy stuck out in the wilderness.  No Ivy League education for me.  The only ivy I’ve been around is the poison kind.  Makes one wonder if that is why those liberal dens are called Ivy League. They do crank out the poisoned minds.  Even I can see what’s happening.  You either blindly follow Obama or you are toast. Dissent is one word that has been barred from the White House.          

Thank you for your continued support, Will            



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