The Spin

Bush my-pet-goat

President Bush in Sarasota being told of 9-11, note the concern in his eyes.

I don’t know how old I was when I first heard the world spin as it relates to politics. Knowing me it took a while for it to soak in.  I’m from the part of the country where our handshake is our bond.  We pull the bark off a tree and let the naked truth be told.  It’s foreign for us to see a spin put on a story. Like an old South Texan says,  “Down here we collect ’em and inject ’em.”   Referring to those who kill.  Before we started to use injections for the death penalty, he would say, “We try ’em and fry ’em.”   Texas justice is fast and final. 

I’m reminded of a Texas cowboy being interviewed on a big time television program. The host felt superior, because the cowboy talked slow and drug his words through the sand as he pulled them out. The host looked down her nose at him and asked, “”What’s your view on torture when dealing with terrorists?”

Being a west Texas working cowboy he replied, “If I’m looking at a rag-head terrorist, I’d hook his testicles to a car battery and in a few minutes I’d get the truth. I really only have three things to say.”

She interrupted, “What would they be?”

“Red is positive, black is negative and make sure his testicles are wet.” 

I’m sure there are a bunch of  left-wing liberals  in Texas that wouldn’t agree. They would call in the ALCU and read him his rights.  It sounds barbaric, but you would get the truth in a nano-second.  One jolt would do the trick. 

Major Nidal Malik Hasan won’t be tried by the Texas courts. I wish that would be the case.  He would be on the death gurney in a year.  Washington DC has started the spin. You watch, before they get through spinning Hasan will be given some Medal of Bravery by the president.  Obama’s speech at Fort Hood said nothing to condemn the Muslim or his radical act. Any person with half a brain can see this guy was at war with the men and women he shot and those he killed.  His handgun had a laser beam. He was not shooting blindly. He picked his target and pulled the trigger. We don’t know how many rounds he fired, but well over 100.  Then meant he had several clips.  He was reloading and continued to shoot. Also it needs to be noted, only a dozen or so clapped when the president spoke.  They know he doesn’t like the military. 

Washington is putting the spin he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  That’s not possible, he never served. But the twist is he caught PTSS from those he was treating.  Another lie. He was not counseling anyone who had been to war.  His patients had yet to see action.

The word terror and terrorist have been wiped from any government communication. The PC bunch don’t want to offend the Muslims.  If the Muslims are all so good then why in Hell haven’t some of them come forward and warned us of a terrorist attack.  Don’t tell me the good Muslims didn’t know about any of the various terrorist attacks attempted or committed in the past few years.  If they are so good then I would expect one who was in a Mosque with Hasan to call the FBI and tell them of their patriotic concerns. It has not happened and it’s not going to happen. 25% of the Muslims living in America think that strapping a bomb to their waist and blowing up babies is okay.  They are Muslims and then Americans.

I know the military is filled with radical plants.  This won’t be the last time some radical kills a bunch of soldiers. Things are in place.  They know no one is going to report them no matter how radical they act. It’s not PC to speak bad of a Muslim, yet who are doing all the terrorist killings?  Not some Baptist with a bomb on his body or a Methodist with a hand gun deciding to kill and shoot 45 soldiers.  The young Muslim who killed two Army recruits in Little Rock  was committing jihad.  He was a holy warrior. 

Look at the radical Muslim that was put to death in Virgina last night.  He hid in the trunk of a car and just shot people at random. He said he was a warrior committing jihad.  Don’t listen to the spin.  Follow your heart and know we are fighting the enemy on two fronts. The PC spin masters in Washington and the Muslims jihadists.  

Have a good evening and please pray for our Military personnel and our great country. Will



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