American-Christian Christian-American

Major Nidal Malik Hasan proudly told everyone who would listen, “I’m a Muslim first and American second.”

The Political Correctness in our country has gone way too far.  New York City was built on ethnic diversity.  Kids called each other by slang terms, Kike, Spic, Spade, Goyah, Chink.  According to the PC people this was wrong, but it’s strange all those different kids grew into adulthood. They went to school and then into business.  No Jewish kid seemed scarred for life because he was Joseph the Kike when he was little, or Jose the Spic saw no ill effects.

I went to school with some German kids. One big boy was called Kraut. I doubt if he suffered at night when he went home. He was big enough and mean enough he could have crushed most of us teasing him with his bare hands.  There were no blacks in my high school.  We had some Mexicans.  One of our better defensive backs was Mexican.  He was a several generation Texan, but his nick name was “Wet Back.”    We are still friends today.  I didn’t grow up in a PC world.  Those of you who read my blogs know what I think about political correctness.

Let’s make sure we call that cold-blooded killer what he is.  He is a Muslim TerroristHe is no more mentally ill than those who flew airplanes into the Twin Towers. He was sending money to Pakistan and had AoA (Army of Allah) printed on his business card.

When Hasan said he was Muslim first I got to thinking. I realize I use Christian and American as if they are one.  I see Christian-American as Siamese Twins.  We are locked together by our heart-strings.  Of course Christ Jesus is my Lord, but He is not so jealous that he doesn’t allow me to love my country.  80% of the American population is Christian.  I don’t care what Barry Obama says, we are a Christian Nation. I’m as sure as I’m penning these words that God brought America about.  We are part of His plan.

We have had a rash of Terrorist attacks, they have been swept under the rug.  Remember the guy who shot up LA International Airport?  He was killing Jews.  That guy was a Muslim Terrorist. The black Muslim in Little Rock Arkansas who shot soldiers.  That was an act of jihad. John Walker was a terrorist who tried to blow up a flight from England by setting off a bomb in his shoe. An alert flight attendant saw him fiddling with his matches.  The media would have you believe there have to be a dozen involved for this to be a terrorist act.

The Muslim leaders are empowering single men to create acts of murder on their own.  Like the twenty year old who was going to blow up a big building in downtown Dallas last month.  Lone Wolves are harder to find. The FBI have made several arrests of multiple people who were planning to hit us hard.  The guy from Denver had 14 working with him. They were going to carry backpacks on the New York Subway, each going a different direction. Had they pulled off their act of terror as many as 100,000 could have been killed.

Make no mistake our country is filled with sleeper cells that are being told by the Muslim leaders to make jihad against the infidels. They live with us and each day their hate grows stronger. No matter how PC and sweet you treat them, they still hate you.  The worst are the converts.  They seem to hate Christian-America even worse than those here illegally.



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