Hope or Hate

Acorn Hat

This is the man Acorn helped get elected.

I’ve noticed an interesting trend with the media.  It’s always been there, but with the proliferation of information the bias is very visible. When large rallies were put together by ACORN and SUI for Obama, they were called rallies of Hope and Change. In some instances these groups looked like an angry mob.  I can promise it would not have been safe for one of us to show up carrying a McCain/Palin sign.  The loving and caring ACORN folks would have beat the dickens out of us and sent us away on stretchers.  Union thugs watched the meetings for any sign of a dissenter.  If you were not a hope and change guy, you could expect a mouth full of brass knuckles.   This is the loving kindness you find in the liberal camp. Remember the little black guy who came to a TEA Party in St. Louis. He was selling flags that said, “Don’t tread on me.”    Union thugs beat him up and sent him to the hospital. He  was selling the wrong message.

When the TEA Parties get together they are there because of hate and rage.  The 9-12 march on Washington is a great example.  No ugly scenes and when they left the streets were cleaner than they found them.  Many of you have sent me images of the Washington DC 9-12 rally and the Michael Bachmann rally.  I’ve looked close at the images and for the life of me I can’t find any rage and hate.  I see people concerned for their freedom.  I see the love people have for this great country.  I see a lack of hope.

The Obama bunch promised things impossible to do.  He gave people false hope. Nothing is more cruel than to give people false hope.  I remember after he was elected many, many, many people thought they would no longer have to work. Obama was going to give them a car, an apartment, pay their bills and put food on their table. This was no small number who believed the hope lie.

There is one hope you can believe in.  Christ gives us hope of eternal life. That is one you can take to the bank.  The empty promises of man are not worth the air time it takes for them to be said.  He promised to reduce our health care bills by $2,500 a year.  Nancy Pelosi’s new bill will cost us each $5,000 more than we are currently paying.

Only the left can have hope and change in the media.  We on the right always have hate, rage and anger.  You look at the stories being written.  The TEA Parties are a bunch of angry old white men.  The left media will find someone who looks a half pound short on smarts and photograph him as being the typical TEA Party person.  They never show you that 35-year-old mother of three, dressed nice and with clean kids, the husband in a tie holding the youngest one. The media wants us to be portrayed as hate filled, ragers whose entire life is filled with hate.

I’ve been to a few different TEA Parties.  Never have I seen hate or rage.  I have seen hopelessness. I’ve seen the faces of people who feel they are standing in the middle of a railroad and an express train is coming at them at full speed.  They know the futility of stopping that run-a-way train.  It’s the Obama Express that is causing us to toss and turn at night. We know the train must be derailed, but how???     I know of only one way.  We must start now to vote the liberals out of Washington and tie Obama’s hands until we can remove him in 2012.

Most of us know it may be too late.  They will continue to change our great country into a socialist state. All the damage may be done before 2010.  I still have a thread of hope, but every day the Obama administration is cutting into that rope I’m hanging on to.

Last night sleep came slow.  I contemplated how powerless I felt.  We worked so hard to stop the Pelosi bill and in the end we were betrayed.  My House Member said he would not vote for the public option, but he didn’t have the backbone to say no to the $Billion dollars in pork Obama promised him.  I will not give up, but I’m very discouraged.  I don’t mind being called a hater, or them saying we are filled with rage, I’m tired of seeing the left destroying my country. I will fight on, I hope you will join me.  Will.

Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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