Barry’s Private Army

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Obama bowing before the Emperor of Japan

I want to make a plea to those of you who read my blogs. Please tell others. It’s not easy to find time to blog, so I just make time.  In turn I need for you to spread the word. If you think I’m wasting my time, please tell me.  I have a lot of other things to do if the blogs are not helping. 

During the campaign there was constant chatter from his teleprompter telling Barry to say he was going to build an Army inside the United States. This would not be part of the Army now fighting two wars, but certainly as well-trained and equipped. I don’t know the size, but by the way Barry’s teleprompter was providing him words, it sounded like a massive number of men and women working for the president. He will need his own army when they come for our guns.

Some of you will complain, that’s not legal. Do you realize how out of step your comment is?  When did being legal ever have anything to do with this presidency?  Are his Czars legal?  Several Senators are upset that the president won’t even answer their letters.  They have requested  a meeting to discuss the Czars not falling under the Constitution.  Barry could care less, he is in charge. Remember he said, “WE WON!”   Let me translate this liberal quote into common sense.  It means, “I was elected and I plan to do things my way and if you don’t like it, that’s Tough.  I now make the rules. Go back to the Senate and I’ll tell you when I can use you.” 

He may want the Barry’s Army to enforce the healthcare bill.  If you don’t buy insurance….let me say that better, if you don’t buy government insurance you will be arrested and go to jail. Perhaps he knows the current police wouldn’t arrest people who committed no crime. It’s not a crime not to buy health insurance.

I know some of you are thinking, we have the FBI, The Postal Inspectors, Homeland Security, the ATF, Border Patrol, National Guard, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Of course each state has a state law enforcement agency. Texas also has the Texas Rangers.  We have county Sheriffs and their men and city police.  This doesn’t include private security guards and those who work in prisons.  It seems like half of the population is cops or military.  Barry knows none of the above will go into our homes and take our guns.  He knows none of the above will arrest TEA Party people, but his army would.  We are the enemy.  We still believe in the Constitution.

Barry took over our car companies without asking the American people. Three years ago if someone would have told me the government is going to take over and start running General Motors I would have thought them insane.  Who would have dreamed the president would be running banks in America? 

We have a Czar, not approved by Congress telling people how much they can earn.  He is cutting executive’s pay in private businesses by 50 to 90%.  Don’t give in to that crap that the executives are greedy and make too much.  Answer this…is J. Lo worth $20 Million to work two months on a movie?   What about Hansworth who signed with the Washington Redskins for $100,000 Million dollars?   Is he worth that?  The marketplace puts worth on things and no Czar should be able to waltz in and cut 90% of what you make.  It flat out ain’t right.

Two things that were being tossed around last year have died down since Barry’s ratings have fallen from 72% approval to under 50%.  Make no mistake, the private army idea is still there.  They will wear the Obama patch.  After he was elected and before he was sworn in, a bill was drafted that would give him the presidency forever. The vote on this has been moved back, because he is doing so dismal in the polls.   

Good people know this…we have to win in 2010 and defeat Barry in 2012. If we don’t we might have him as long as Cuba has had Castro.  If that won’t make your heart race then you need to see a doctor and make sure you are alive. Will



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