No Respect!

Obama Vets Day

Obama  on Veterans Day

I wondered why so few of the military clapped when he spoke. You could have heard a pin drop.  This photo tells you why. He is the Commander-in-Chief and is refusing to salute the flag.   He could have at least put his hand over his heart. Many of my eBay family members say he is a disgrace. As soon as he heated up the campaign rhetoric it became crystal clear who he is and what he stands for.  You cannot associate with radical left, socialists and Marxists and it not rub off on you. His entire childhood was spent with people who hate America.  His father was a radical Muslim and his mother was probably one as well.  His step-father was a far right Muslim extremist with radical views.

He attended Muslim schools and mosques until his mother divorced his step-father and dumped him on his grandmother’s doorstep.  Granny was an ultra liberal.  Grand Pops was hen pecked and did whatever granny said.  He provided no masculine example for the future president.  Not long after he landed in Hawaii, he hooked up with the Marxist Frank Marshall Davis.  Davis was an angry black from Arkansas who decided to move to Hawaii, hang out, smoke dope and write poetry. Hawaii is a welfare state and if a person didn’t like working that was the ideal place to be. Obama got to the Island in 1971 and stayed there till 1979. This gave Frank Marshall Davis plenty of time to form the mind of a young Muslim man and show him the  light of Marxism. Now Obama wants the entire country to be a welfare state. Frank Marshall Davis taught him well.

A lot of sources say Frank Davis Marshall is his real father.  There is no proof that Barack Obama Sr. is his father.  It’s interesting the people who ghost wrote Obama’s two books failed to mention Frank Marshall Davis and his Marxist beliefs.  He is known only as Frank.

When Obama gets to Chicago he falls in with ACORN, Bill Ayers, Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan and the Rev.  J. Wright. Even the woman he married said she was never proud of America until her husband was about to be elected.   Who around him loves America?  We are who we run with. Run with dogs and get fleas is as true today as it was when first stated.

Some of you are shocked to see the choice of people in his cabinet.  What do you expect? He is bringing in like-minded support.  Why would he want someone who is not a socialist with a Marxist bend?  He wouldn’t.  He picks people who hate America like he does.

Remember during the campaign he took off his flag pin, because it was too divisive. How can you expect a man ashamed to wear our flag to respect it.  Early on there was a good sign of where he stood. There was a photo of Bill Richardson, Obama, Hillary and someone else. They all had their hands over their heart except Obama. He kept his hands folded.  That was an early sign of things to come.

In the photo at the top, note his hands locked. This means he is shutting out what is being sung.  In the picture of him and all the early candidates, his hands were folded, shutting out what was being sung.

We have seen him shut out the cross or any Christian symbol. We also see him doing the same thing to the military and this great country. Since he hates this job so much, we need to help him find a new one in 2012.  I don’t like to see anyone so miserable. We can begin in 2010 with voting out his lackeys, getting them out of their misery.  Let’s send them home to do an honest day’s work.

Pick yourself up, dust off, this is a new day. Let’s win this one.  Will



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