Doug and Calvin

Will kicking up dust.

Speaking of kicking up dust.  Watch for this blue bus.

I’m going to disappoint all you left wing, kool-aid drinkers today.  Nothing political for you to vet.  Just country living, which you clearly know nothing about. So read and learn some things.  (smile)     I have about a half dozen from the left who vet everything I write and challenge anything negative I say about Obama. It’s nice to have people who care enough to express their thoughts.

I introduced you to Doug and Calvin the first month I started selling on eBay.  That was before I began the blog and eBay was yanking me off every few weeks for being negative toward president Obama.  Doug and Calvin work for a living.  They dig wells, build fences, bale hay, hunt ferel hogs and help at dipping time.  Calvin is strong as a bull, about 5′-10″, with balding hair and one front tooth missing from being butted in the head by a bull.  His hands are like a vice, rough as a Maine fisherman’s.  He is never without his smile.

Doug is at least 6′-3″ and weighs about 165 lbs.  With his gangly size he looks malnourished, but trust me he can work three good men into the ground.  You will never see one without the other. They are two peas in a pod.   Folks down here always put their names together and it’s always Doug and Calvin, not the other way around.

Doug told me they kill about 1,000 feral hogs a year.  The pair hunts with dogs.  Once the dog trees the wild hog, Calvin rushes in and kills the animal with his hunting knife.  Nothing wimpy about these guys.  They butcher the hogs and make sausage, which they donate to homeless shelters.  These two are proof you don’t need a lot of money to help others.  Just the desire and they have that in buckets.  Since Texas has 2 to 3 Million wild hogs they have an endless supply.   I’m lucky. The wild (feral) hogs have not decided to pay me a visit.  They can destroy a fresh crop in one night.  Feral hogs are a menace.

Why the Doug and Calvin story?  The State of Texas waits until the coastal bermuda grass seeds and then mows the grass along the highways. They cut some wonderful hay. Doug and Calvin have been johnny on the spot baling the cut grass.  They have a baler that produces big round bales.  They normally bale enough hay to tide them over the winter.  They sell the bales at about $250 each.  They each run a couple dozen cattle, so the hay they get is their winter income and not to feed their animals as such.  This year we had a bountiful crop. Doug and Calvin had rolls of hay along a fifty mile stretch of highway 181 and some side roads.   They just kept on baling, because everyone understood that was their hay.

I was in the feedstore yesterday and they were there.  Mad is a mild way of saying how they felt.  Someone came during the night and picked up their hay.  Doug said they had baled at least 2,000 bales.  When Doug and Calvin started to pick up their rolls it was not long before they discovered that crooks had beat them to the hay.  Doug said they saved less than 100 bales.  What ever happened to honesty in America?  Anyone with a tractor made to pick up those big round bales knows these two guys baled that hay and that it is their winter income.

I didn’t tell them my sad story.  I couldn’t. I didn’t want to appear as if I was trying to top their story.  Two weeks ago someone cut my fence and drove their tractor into my sorghum field.  They proceeded to gather about 25% of my crop. I guess that’s all they had time to haul out.  My fields are a long way from the house.  We have so many trees, it was not possible to see the tractor lights or hear anything at that distance.  I mentioned my problem at church and learned that I was not alone.

One farmer lost a lot of his silage corn and another about 100 rolls of hay.  Since you can’t do DNA on grass and feed the chances of us catching anyone is slim to none.  We all have an idea who it might be.  He suddenly has enough hay to supply a dairy farm. But knowing and proving are two different things.

I never dreamed it would come to people stealing crops.  Hay, especially the square bales, but not the big round ones. You have to have a fork to pick them up.

Yesterday and this morning I repaired fences. It’s difficult to be thinking politics when your livelihood is being stolen from out of your field. I’ve got to tip my hat to the brazen thieves. They showed a boldness I’ve not seen. I’m glad I didn’t catch them.  I might have shot the guy off the tractor.  Feed is pretty personal.

I will say in the past seeing a tractor working at night or driving down the road would never raise a red flag.  It will now.

Some of my liberals who write tell me I should give Obama some time.  I agree, how does 25 years to life sound to you?



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