Portrait by Will Cooper, Oil on Canvas

Dogs get mad, people get angry.  I think I saw froth dripping  from the corners of my mouth this morning,  perhaps I’ve jumped over into the canine world.  I’m no longer angry, I’m mad.  I asked those of you on the left as nice as my rough country ways knew how for you not to use foul and degrading terms when you tell me what you think about Sarah Palin.  I’m not impressed you can ‘cuss’  in every language and that you know slander words not in any dictionary. I don’t get your point. Do you think you can slander Sarah and people are going to listen?

Stick this in your left ear. Sarah Palin sold 300,000 copies her first day the book was on the shelves in the bookstores.

Here is a scoop. During the campaign the population of Wasilla doubled with lawyers, reporters and private investigators digging for dirt. With all their efforts they found nothing.  You are so far back, you don’t enter the picture.   You three know who you are.

Thanks for the dozen or so supportive blog comments.  I watched Sarah on Hannity last night.  She is still wearing the $35 wedding band that Todd gave her the day they married.  How many women as famous as Sarah would still be wearing a $35 ring?  I don’t know why but that really stuck with me. I think it’s her way of saying, I am who I am and diamonds won’t help me.  I don’t need props.   I have a mind.

Her book sales are off the charts. In Grand Rapids, Michigan 1,500 people were waiting at 7AM  for the bookstore to open.  It was freezing and drizzling.  One woman brought her lawn chair, sleeping bag and snacks. She got in line at 9PM the night before. She wanted to make sure she shook Sarah’s hand. Several people drove 200 and 300 miles to get her to sign their book. Limit two per person. Like her or not, she is a true rock star.  None of the negative messages from the left are going to make a dent on how most Americans feel about the gal from Alaska.

There is some good news.  After the story of Doug and Calvin’s stolen hay hit the weekly newspaper, a guy new to the area came forward and admitted he took the hay.  He thought the state had baled the rolls and they belonged to no one.  He is going to haul them back to Doug and Calvin this week.  It’s my understanding Doug and Calvin gave him twenty bales.  He is low on feed.  Doug said they wanted to reward his honesty.

It’s still a mystery who had the courage to slip onto my place and steal grain from the field. I’m not sure I’ll be as forgiving.  The guy or gal or whatever they are cut my fence and took out a big section so they could get the equipment onto my field.   I have since learned this has been going on in several other places.

On a more pleasant note.  I spoke with the old border rancher.  He told me he has not had one illegal alien step onto his place since I talked him into getting those blood hounds. He is a local hero.  I think he forgets to tell them the dogs were my idea.  He tells the story as if he came up with the idea.  I don’t need credit.  I’m just thrilled it worked.  Besides he is an old man and it’s good to have the other ranches look up to him.

I’ve got to get to the easel. I’m working on a good en’. Will



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