What Do I Think?

Less We Forget    9-11

I do not think the Twin Towers and the other attacks on 9-11 were an inside job.  I do not think President George W. Bush and the government pulled this off. Alex Jones, a talk radio guy from Austin has made documents and written books on how Bush brought down the Twin Towers.  On one hand we are told how stupid and dumb president Bush was and in the next breath he is the mastermind behind this act of horror.  If Bush did it why are the terrorists being tried in New York City for the crime?  Let the terrorists go and do what America has learned to do better than any nation in the world, apologize.  I have seen 7 different DVDs and read a lot. My puzzlement is what happened to the passengers if it was not a commercial airline that flew into the Twin Towers?  What did we do with the commercial air planes?   Alex Jones says we flew military planes into the Twin Towers.

Jones also said that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a patsy. Yep, government agents killed the thirteen, wounded another 40 and planted the guns on Hasan.  This fable was on his website for about 45 minutes.  Then I think even Jones realized how stupid his theory was. Nidal is a solo Islamic terrorist.  His is the latest trend for terrorists. It is also the first time we have had a major terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11.  Seems to me Bush did a good job keeping us safe.   A change in attitude in Washington and look what happened.

I do not think president Obama is the anti-christ.  For at least two years I’ve been swamped with emails with people who proclaim Obama to be the anti-christ.  Don’t believe all you read on the Internet.  Is he anti Christ but he is not the antichrist.   When he spoke at Georgetown University, he made the church school cover all crosses and Christian symbols.  He says we are no longer a Christian Nation and that this is a Muslim Nation.  He fudged on the figures and said 7 million Muslims live here.  The truth is less than 2 Million of our citizens are Muslim.  I’ve written in the past explaining why he is not the anti-christ, I don’t feel the need to keep on repeating myself.

I do not think we are about to become a giant one world order. Alex Jones thinks we are about to see martial law and a one world government will be installed.  My best argument against there being a one world order is power.  The guy who rules China is not going to toss his power to Obama.  In fact he treated Obama like he was a school boy on this last visit. He told Obama to stop spending and to reduce America’s debt.  Guess what Obama’s first speech was after meeting with the dictator of China. he said, “In 2010 we must reduce the debt and control spending.”  He forgot to mention the $1.3 Trillion health care bill.  I guess he will stop spending after one more stimulus bill and his health care passes.

I do believe Harry Reid is trying to bribe Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu to vote for his bill.  Mary is a blue dog and knows her people are against the healthcare bill.  Harry has written the new bill a clause that gives Louisiana $100 Million dollars.  This is the only state that is getting such a bribe.   He needs her to get his 60.

I believe no one knows when Christ will return. I don’t think God has slipped a message to a few chosen ones to meet on a mountain top and wait for the return.  He says, “No man will know the day nor the hour, I will come as a thief in the night.”   This is why I keep looking up and do my best to keep my house in order. Christ might come before this is published or he may wait 1,000 years.  Pay no attention to the emails floating around setting dates.

The birth certificate.  I don’t think Obama can produce the long version.  I also don’t think any Federal Judge is going to be the one who proves Obama is not a natural-born citizen.  I’ve seen at least two dozen emails that Judge Clark is going to try the case to make Obama prove he is natural-born.  The only place you see this is on the Internet. I think it’s wishful thinking. You don’t see this on Fox.  If it were true then Lou Dobbs would have been touting it before he left his program. Do you think Glenn Beck would miss out on something this big? Look at the news.  We have seen where a judge in Alabama has dismissed such a suit two different times.  That made the news. If there was going to be a trial someone other than WNC.com would be reporting it.   Don’t get sucked in by the Internet.

Finally I want to applaud President Bush and Laura for slipping into Fort Hood without a group of photographers snapping photos.  This image was taken by the wife of the injured soldier.  He is a victim of the terrorist shooting that killed thirteen and wounded 40 more. I think Bush loves the military and would never use the wounded as a photo-op.

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