Will Cooper Original Oil Painting

I’ve been silent on my personal life these past few months. I’m thrilled to tell you Cowgirl is now dating someone else.  The AG teacher where her kids go to school. He is a great guy. Lost his wife a few years ago.  Her family respects him and he loves her kids.  I have been honest with her about not wanting to raise children at my age.  We pretty much agreed we would see each other as time permits, but wedding bells are not in the picture. I will admit her father was not all that pleased.  He and I became tight friends and her mother felt the same about me.  I think they appreciated the respect I treated their daughter and the grandkids with.  I’m honestly thrilled for her and think she has found a good match.

“Recalcitrant.” That’s what my book learned buddy said to me. Me being from the country, I don’t use those four-bit words.  I’d say, I’m head strong, disobedient, unruly and in a stretch obstinate, but that is about as big as I go.  This all goes back to a woman.  Doesn’t the universe evolve around women? He was trying to get me to ask a girl out and I have ignored his urgings.

Let me start at the beginning.  A rancher friend’s daughter moved back home from New York City.  She modeled clothes and did some print work.  Six weeks ago she started to come to our church under the big oak.  I noticed her, I’m not blind.  She is a little on the thin side for me, but other than needing to add a few pounds, she is drop dead beautiful.  With her cowboy boots she looks to be about 5′-9″ maybe an inch taller.  I never flirted with her, I just didn’t feel comfortable.  Her dad is one of the group that goes each summer on our mission trips.  Sure I said, “Howdy and it’s good to have you back in God’s country”, but that was about all.   Her hair is black, but I’m not sure if that’s her natural color.  Her mom is dishwater blonde and her dad’s hair is white as snow. 

Mind you, she showed up after Cowgirl and I wished each other well.  My smart buddy called me that big name trying to get me to ask her out.  He said her dad brought her to our church to meet me. I’m flattered, maybe he is right.  The dad stands next to me during the sermon.  She has been early the last two times and made the coffee.  Seeing her now it’s hard to believe she was raised on a ranch. She has a high-bred air about her.  Oh, by the way, she has a name but I’ll just call her Lex.  I don’t want the entire world to know her real name.  WWW does mean the World Wide Web. 

Last night the gate bell rang.  I pushed the open button and up drove Lex in her Lexus SUV along with her girl friend.  A friend since grade school.  They announced to me they were going to cook me dinner. (I think they meant supper, but since she has been away she has forgotten how to speak Texan.)   I showered and the two girls cooked.  I could hear beating in the kitchen, but didn’t dare go look.  The two of them fixed me the best chicken fried steak I’ve had in years.  They cooked country fries, that’s like a french fries only much thicker. 

I’m amazed at how many ranch ways she still has.  I was a gentleman and didn’t ask her age, but doing some math of when she graduated from high school she is 35-37.  I asked her why she returned home.  “My mom and dad are getting older and I feel I need to be here to take care of them.”

She has four older brothers, but none of them want to do the dirty work of ranching.  Three are lawyers and the other is doing time for a Ponzi scheme he ran on grain futures.  I think their dad wanted better things for his kids.  They all went to Ivy League schools and got too smart to worm cows.  Lex seems not to have lost her roots. 

One of you will ask, so I’ll tell you.  I do like her and plan on taking her to a Spurs game.  Her folks want me to have Thanksgiving dinner with them.  I told them I was planning to have my men and their families over.  Lex asked if she and her family could join us.  All I can say is God Bless Them when they get here to a house full of little Mexican kids.  Okay, okay, you know, I have been seeing Lex.  She loves to watch me paint.  Or she says she does. (smile)      Email:

Ps   Sarah Palin’s publisher has increased the number of her books being printed from 1.5 Million to 2.5 Million. There are reports she is breaking records in book sales.


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