Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I’m up early today. I woke up around 4:30 and could not fall back to sleep.  On this Thanksgiving Day I want to thank all of you who continue to write comments.  I don’t post the comments, because some use language I don’t think needs to be passed around.  I appreciate the left who attempt to set me straight.  If I misspell a word you guys are ever faithful to point out my error. I am thankful you read what I write.  So many support what I say and you let me know.   I’m thankful for those of you who agree and those of you who think I’m a country hick and need not attempt to write.  My right readers give me the gas to go forward and you on the left make me want to learn to write better. So I would be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone who follows my blogs.

This morning I lay waiting for my rooster to crow, but either I got up early or his clock is broken.  I was thinking how fortunate I am to have been born in America. Being a Texan, I’m also grateful I was born in this state. I have been making notes and writing a little.  I want to write a historical novel that covers the Mexican-American War.  We all know about the Civil War, the War of 1812 and two world wars.  No one talks about the war that doubled the size of the United States.  The two great generals of the Civil War served in the Mexican-American war.  From the first week I started writing on eBay you good folks have encouraged me to write a book.  You were thinking of me putting down our adventures, but I think a subject like the Mexican-America war would have a lot of interest.  Especially with immigration being the next push from the White House.

I saw where Lou Dobbs has changed his mind on immigration. He also is thinking of running for president. Ralph Nader will get more votes than Dobbs.  He is wasting his time and money.  Dobbs did okay on his television show, but he has about as much personality as my old milk cow.

I’m thankful for our military who give so much to keep us free.  I’m thankful the American people are starting to see what a radical president they elected.  He is falling in the polls faster than any president in history.  I don’t see him changing in the direction needed to pull him out of this free fall.  It’s a dual thing.  It’s good he is falling in the polls, but it’s horrible that the American people are suffering because of his radical spending and lack of leadership.

I want to thank you great people who continue to bid and buy my art.  One day in the future I hope to make you proud of your investment.  I will start doing art for some big time galleries who have asked me to paint for them.  When I do that piece you paid $200 for will rise in value to over $1,000.  I may have to sell the ranch to get the time to paint for some major art galleries, but my goal is to be a gallery artist.  I know how well I can paint if I could work full days at the easel.  But for now I’m thankful for eBay and to have you on my side.

Lex (the new girl) and her family invited me for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I declined.  The Twins wanted to come over and let all have a feast.  I declined.  I purchased me a baked chicken at HEB (local grocery) and will watch the Dallas Cowboys play the Oakland Raiders.  I’m going to work on taxes and watch football.    May the Christ of Christmas bless your home and family.    Email:


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