What’s Going On???

Sarah at Fort Bragg

Patty, I agree with you, Sarah Palin is God’s gift to America.  I have started reading her book.  It’s typical, the left-wing press is slamming the book as no literary masterpiece. She was not writing a classic, but telling her story and from what I’ve read telling it very well.

I know a lot of you who read my blogs are on the left.  I encourage you to buy a copy of Sarah’s book and see what she has to say.  Maybe some of your fear will go away after you have a better understanding of what she is all about. The book is full of humor, love and hope.  Those of you on the right go today and get you a copy. It’s important you read Sarah’s book.  Wal-Mart has them on sale or you can order a copy on www.amazon.com . It’s  a thick book but an easy read.  If an old broken down cowboy like me can zip through the pages then you will be able to read as fast as you can turn the pages.

Sarah and Michele Bachmann are scheduled to speak at a giant TEA Party event in Tennessee  Feb 4-6 in 2010.  Sarah is the keynote speaker. I’m thinking of dressing in drag and slipping into the convention because they probably won’t let a broken down old cowboy like me in.  I guess I’d have to shave this hair off under my nose.  I could go to Barney Frank for lessons on how to speak like a girl.  I might be a tad tall, but I’ll just tell them I’m a member of the WNBA.   (smile)

Sarah will not even talk about running for President in 2012, but you watch this.  She is going to magically show up in Iowa and give a couple of speeches. I think a farmer’s group might ask her to speak and then some woman caucuses. When she hits Iowa it’s all over but the shouting.  No one has connected to the common man and woman like she has.  People identify with her. They say, “She is one of us.”    They are right.  Nothing pretentious about Sarah Palin.

Milt Romney is falling with Republican voters.  He is below 50%.  I like Huckabee, but he is in the proverbial between a rock and a hard place. He needs the same evangelical voters that are so attracted to Sarah.  If he goes after Sarah he will look like a bully.  If he doesn’t, he is considered weak.  Huck is even better than Sarah at impromptu speeches.  He is a Baptist Preacher and knows how to think and speak on his feet, but Sarah is no slouch.  Mark this down, if Sarah shows up in Iowa she will win strong. Whoever wins in Iowa have a leg up on the rest. In three years that mess about her not being qualified will be gone.  She is better qualified to lead than our president. She would listen to the Generals on the ground.

Her next move will be to help conservative Republicans win office.  I think our next president is going to be a hockey mom from Alaska.

The couple who crashed the White House Party. The guy with the plugs in the middle is Joe Biden

Did you see where two people crashed the White House State Dinner?  A white couple, Michele and Tareq Salahi who were dressed to the nines walked right in the party. The couple had their picture taken with Obama, Biden and several other high level people. The press is saying Obama was never in danger.  He was not in danger, because the couple did the stunt for reality TV.  If our security is so lax that just anyone can go to a state dinner, our president is definitely in danger. What if their purpose had been to place a GPS tracking device to pin-point the president’s exact location, where a small hand-held rocket could have been used?  The couple could have put the president in a pinpoint location and probably also taken out Joe Biden, our vice president.   We have gone back to a pre-9-11 mentality.  The worst thing that could happen would be for our president to be killed.  Probably worse than that if both the president and vice president were killed, we would have Nancy Pelosi as our leader.

Pray for the president that no harm comes to him. Our great country is sitting on a ledge…something of the magnitude of what I just mentioned would send us over a cliff.  Pray that we tighten up our security.  When an unknown man and woman can just walk into a room where the president is meeting guests, without being stopped, our country is in danger.  I’m very afraid we will be hit again by terrorists this coming year.  I hope I’m wrong.

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