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December 31, 2009

Self Portrait

I will confess I have a football education. I had difficulty reading after I graduated from college. My English grades were pretty poor. If I had not been a ‘stud’ on campus then I would have no doubt flunked.  I learned to read after college, but I’m still not one who can zip through a book. I labor, but I read. My spelling sucks and many times I don’t use a word because I can’t get close enough for spell-check to figure out.  I am blessed with common sense.  I have enough brains not to stand out in the middle of a rain-storm when there is a barn near by.  One reader once said, “You are under-educated and over opinionated.”   Sounds ’bout right to me. Some days I sit down to write and I’m so tired my fingers won’t function…my brain has cramps and since I’m dyslexic I get things turned around.  I put the last part of a sentence first.  I do have faults, but giving up is not one of them.  I see what’s happening to our country and want to do something. Blogging seems to be one way I can say what’s on my mind.  I’m not perfect, but I do try and that is a lot more than most are doing.

I used the word inept to start this blog.  I think back when the Somalian pirates held our ship captain and it took our president three days to give the Navy SEALS the okay to shoot. He kept the captain’s life in the balances while he was trying to make a decision.  Finally he was forced to give them the okay.  Bang, bang, bang!  The pirates had holes in their heads. That could have happened the first day.

General McCrystal asked for 40,000 to 60,000 troops to fight in the Afghan war.  Obama dithered around for months.  He was frozen with fear.  He knew if he sent more men/women his liberal base would be upset.  If he didn’t then the American people were going to march on Washington by the millions.  When he said he would send 30,000 he immediately explained that he would start bringing them home June 2011.  Most of them won’t even get there for a year.

I have come to the conclusion Barry Obama is weaker than Jimmy Carter.  Carter would have given orders to take the pirates out day one. Carter would have immediately sent troops. This near fatal bombing over Detroit would have been addressed immediately by Jimmy Carter. No matter if he was on vacation, Carter would have assured the American people we were going to take swift action. Carter would not have continued his golf game. 

Mr. Obama waited three days before he addressed the Nation and then he said it was an isolated case of some loony loner.  When in fact he knew that Umar Farouk Adulmutallab was trained by the Al Quada in Yemen.  Umar’s father warned the CIA months earlier that his son was up to something drastic. Our National Intelligence knew that Al Quada was planning a Christmas Surprise. Why were we not ready?  Did we think they would pull the Christmas Surprise December 26??? When will we start profiling?

Hillary was right. Who do you want to answer the phone when it rings at 3AM.  I’d take Jimmy Carter over Obama and trust me, I never thought it was possible for us to have a weaker president than the peanut farmer.  I promise this, Bill Clinton would not have waited three days.  He would have found an aspirin factory and blew it up.   We will be dealing with this ineptness for three more years.  We cannot change what we have until 2012.   Then let’s make it one and done for the man with the big ears.  We will vote him out of office .  Let’s start the change this November.                                              email:

Feel Safe, Janet has everthing under control.


Look Out!!! It’s Coming.

December 30, 2009

Wolves by Author and Artist Will Cooper

Look for Charles Shummer to introduce House Bill 87 in the next few weeks. He and some Mexican member of the House plan to introduce a bill for amnesty for the illegal aliens to give them a quick path to citizenship. Look what’s happening. The Mexican vote was around 67% for Obama during the presidential election.  His approval rating has dropped to under 50% with the Hispanic voters. He must have the Hispanic and black vote in heavy numbers to have a prayer at winning in 2012.

What would assure him getting the Hispanic vote?  Make 12 to 20 million illegals legal citizens. As it is now written all the the illegal alien has to do is pay a $500 fine and speak broken English. 90% of the Mexicans living here illegally can speak English.  The other 10% can learn in six months.  Let’s get real about this.  If the Democrats, with the help of RINOs like John McCain, can get this bill passed they will have a 12 to 20 million voting block.  Trust me, if any don’t have the $500 fine, a liberal group will be happy to supply them the money.  The liberals paid $300 million for the Louisiana vote. $500 would be a steal. 

We are going to see a real push for Hispanic citizenship between now and November. This block could off-set the TEA Party crowd.  We should have seen this coming when Barry’s numbers fell to 44% approval.  They had to pick up the slack and what better place than with Illegal Aliens?  This bunch is not going softly into the night. ACORN is damaged, but they are still around. They will be there in November to go pick up the NEW CITIZENS and haul them to the polls, telling them how to vote. We can expect them to run bus loads to the polls.

Just when it looked like we had a clean sweep they pull an ace card from their sleeve. The new Hispanic voters will 100% vote Democrat. You can take that to the bank.  We have to make sure this bill is not passed before November. When it comes up, get your fighting boots on. We have to delay this ugly bill until after November.  I hope we can defeat it, but sadly we have RINOs like McCain and Graham who will go across the aisle.    Email:

It’s Real

December 29, 2009

Original Oil Painting by Texas Cowboy Will Cooper

We have had twelve terrorist attempts on American soil since Barry became president.  Two were very successful. The Muslim terrorists who shot the two young soldiers in Little Rock and then Nidal Hasan, a radical Muslim, killed 13 men, women and a baby at Fort Hood.  We have been able to foil the others before they were carried out. 

This week we almost had flight 253 blown from the sky with 287 people aboard, plus the crew.  More than 300 would have died had the terrorist not screwed up.  Home Land Security did nothing to save us.  Barry said from Hawaii, “I understand someone tried to set off a fire cracker in the plane. We will look into what happened.”

What happened is Umar Adubi Mutallab couldn’t get his bomb to ignite. He had explosives sewn into his underwear. It’s not totally clear how he was to ignite the explosives.  He had a plastic bottle or some kind of condom taped to his inner thigh and was injecting it with a solution.  Instead of setting off the explosion it burst into flames. Adubi had a blanket over his lap to conceal his attempt to set off his bomb.

He is the son of a wealthy banker, who is also on many boards. He was educated in London and lived in a swank apartment. In other words he was not poor trash, but a well to do young man with an excellent education.  He traveled to Yemen to learn from the radical Imam who was friends with Nidel Hasan, the Muslim terrorist who killed and wounded so many at Ft. Hood. 

None of the major networks, other than Fox News, are saying he is a radical Muslim. This kid was so radical his own father turned him into the American Embassy three months ago. He was on our terrorist list, but no one blocked him from flying.

A lawyer and his wife had been on a safari and were in Amsterdam, returning to America, when he tried to board the plane. The lawyer said Abdui was dressed shabbily when he approached the ticket counter. He was with a well dressed man who did most of the talking.  They were explaining Abdui was from the Sudan and didn’t have a passport. The ticket agent sent them down the hall. The next time the lawyer saw Abdui was when he was being carried off in handcuffs. From what the lawyer is saying this radical Muslim terrorist was allowed to fly into the United States without a passport.  He was not worried about being turned away at the American port of entry. He knew he was going to blow up the airplane before it landed.

A report out of London says there is a cell of twenty-five young radical Muslims who plan to board planes heading to the United States and blow them up. Scotland Yard says there are five or six such cells. Each cell has a minimum of 20 members and they are being trained in Yemen to carry out airplane bombings. All of these radical Muslims were born in England and educated there.  They are going to come home and begin targeting  flights where they will commit suicide.  Our fearless leader sees them as misunderstood youths. He never says they are radical Muslims intent on destroying America.

A friend suggested we show them a picture of Nancy Pelosi and tell them that is what a virgin looks like.  We could stop those bombings over night. 



December 28, 2009

With the nation gripped in double-digit unemployment and us being in the heart of a recession it’s  great to have a leader who understands. Our president is going to Hawaii with his family for a two week Christmas vacation.  I’m sure this is to let his lungs rest from so many speeches. He is not staying at some fancy hotel that would run $1,200 a night.  No, he has rented a house on the beach that costs $4,000  a day.  But that’s not all.  He also is spending an additional $8,000 a day for the houses on each side.  He needs a place for his guests to stay.

Three hotel suites would have run $3,600, but since he is sacrificing and so frugal the three houses are only $12,000 a day.  That’s a mere $168,000 for two weeks.  Then of course there is air travel, security on the Island, cars, maids, chefs, his wife’s hair stylist and a baby sitter for the girls. I’m sure they will bring the dog.  No, I’m not talking about the mother in law, but the pooch.  Of course the mother in law will make the trip.

If George W. Bush spent $168,000 on lodging the media would have gone nuts.  George and Laura went to his modest ranch in Crawford, Texas for vacations. George went home to clear brush and mend some fences on the property.  If you have not seen president Bush’s ranch then do Google Images. It’s nothing fancy, a 4,000 square foot ranch house with about three hundred acres of land.

Mr. Obama is a one and done president.  Someone said Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids. I tend to agree.  I just pray we can hold this country together until November, then we have to start working on 2012. I know the daily news discourages you, but keep your eye on the ball. Our number one goal is vote out the liberals this November and RINO Republicans like John McCain and Graham from SC.  I see no reason to keep any of the Democrats.

Finally get the idea of a third-party candidate out of your head. That would be the most stupid thing that can happen. A third party candidate would make sure we get Obama for four additional years.

Put on your work shoes (boots) we have some things to accomplish.  Email:

Miracles Happen

December 27, 2009

Today my liberal friend and his ultra-liberal wife came down to the ranch. He wanted to pick up a saddle I sold him and more than that he wanted to tell me he and his wife had an epiphany. They saw the light.  Mind you she was an Obama delegate to the Democrat convention and he was a border line believer. The first thing he said to me as we stood on the front porch getting ready to enter the house. “Will, we have seen the light. Obama has kept none of his promises, he has others telling him what to do.”

She shook her head like a puppy with an old sock and almost shouted, “He is a puppet. He has Hillary people in there telling him what to do. He is spineless.”

Did I ever want to say “I told you so.” But since it was the day after Christmas I held back, SOME.  I did have to drop in a few I tried to tell yous, but not real heavy. They are my friends and realize they believed the lies.  They believed the lies, because they hated George Bush so much.  They never took time to look at the man, they were too busy with Hope and Change. They were ready to crawl over broken glass on the bare knees to get him elected.  Now I think they would do the same to un-elect him.  I have never seen two people with a bigger case of buyers remorse than them.

Her younger brother is going to work for the Heritage Foundation which is the best source for conservative information in the world.  He is just the opposite of her. You know me, I had to dig them a little so I gave them a copy of Sarah Palin’s new book.  He even said I have been wanting to read this.  I was shocked when she thanked me.

Here are two very loyal Obama supporters who have turned on him.  He will not get their vote in 2012.  I think this is being repeated over and over. A lot of people who drank the Kool-Aid have seen the light. They are realizing he is not what he said he was.  He just said what he thought they wanted to hear.  I’m proud to say Will’s Warriors were not dazzled by his act. From the git go you saw he was a phony. I’m proud of you, my eBay family and blog friends.

I don’t have time today to write about the foiled airplane terrorist attack. Brave passengers stopped a flight with 270 people on board from being bombed. We are just lucky the bomber didn’t have a better way to set off the explosives. It’s in all the new sources.

Also I ate way too much at Lex’s family dinner. Those German women pile the food on the table. There were seven different kinds of pie. There was turkey, ham and several pastas. Hot rolls and butter, black-eyed peas, salads, both kinds of potatoes, sweet and Irish. Trust me folks I’ve never seen that much food at one time.  I’ve been on a lot of cruises that couldn’t hold a candle to what they served. I’m still stuffed!


Merry Christmas

December 26, 2009


Christmas is slim at the Cooper Ranch this year.

This is blog #201. Before the blogs I wrote rants on my eBay listing, but I was constantly being kicked off. eBay took umbrage with me being critical of Barry. With the blog I’m free to express my thoughts. And my thoughts today are Merry Christmas.  May the spirit of Christ fill your home this day.

I’m also aware this may have been Santa’s last run. The EPA will probably shut down the jolly, fat fellow with his reindeer polluting the sky. Those deer expel too much green house gas. No doubt his rig will be parked at the North Pole and the deer set free to roam the frozen tundra along with the dying polar bears. Even though we have four times more polar bears than we had forty years ago, Al Gore is preaching the ice is melting and the bears are dying.  My suggestion is if the North Pole is out of ice we bring the bears down to Michigan or New York.  We have plenty ice there for the bears. 

Merry Christmas.


The Eve of Christmas

December 25, 2009

May Santa visit your home and leave packages of joy and happiness tonight.

This morning the Senate passed their health care version 6o to 39.  Jim Bunning of KY had already gone home. He was a wise Republican, because their vote would have no effect on the out come. Harry Reid, in a stupor, voted NO for the bill, before one of his buddies pointed out his blunder.  So he changed his vote to YES. And we are depending on him to write a coherent bill???

I know you are discouraged, but don’t be. This thing is a long way away from becoming law. The liberal branch of the House thinks the Senate bill falls short. They want a public option and fully funded abortions.  The Blue Dogs in the House led by Stupack are against abortions and will fight to get that taken out of the bill. The House is divided on what should and should not be in the bill.  Many moderate Democrats have had their fill of Nancy Pelosi.

You have Howard Dean and the Union Bosses saying they should start over.  Liberal bloggers like the Daily Kos (funded by Soros) are saying they need to start over. The big Democrat tent is split down the middle, that is why I’m not for a big tent Republican party.

I want a church with a small tent. I want a church that believes the bible in the word of God.  I want one that believes in the virgin birth, the Resurrection and one that believes in the Trinity. I want a church that believes each word in the Holy Book was written by God through the hands of men. I want a church that believes in the second coming of Christ. I go to church under a big oak, but the beliefs are sound and our preacher feels he was called of God to minister.

I want to be in a political tent that is conservative, wanting smaller government, less taxes and individual freedom. There is a big push for a third party. This is stupid. A third party candidate will make sure Obama serves seven more years. You will defeat any conservative Republican who wins the primaries.  You are dividing the conservative vote.  Ross Perot got 19% of the vote, therefore Bill Clinton was elected with 39% of the vote.  Ross Perot got Bill Clinton elected. Everytime you think about voting for a 9-12er or TEA Party candidate, think about Ross Perot. I don’t know who, but a strong conservative will emerge and we need to unite behind him/her and make sure they win.  We will need a conservative president to work with the House and Senate and reverse this mess Harry and Nancy are putting together.   Stay focused on 2010.  We are 11 months away from making real change.

I have my Christmas shopping done and already handed out bonuses to the Twins. I agreed to eat Christmas dinner with Lex’s folks.   I delivered a basket of food to a few elderly folks in town who I knew were going to have a bleak Christmas. I delivered a box to an elderly black couple. On top of the box I had several thick steaks. The lady began to cry. They had not eaten meat in several months. They are living on Social Security and that doesn’t afford them meat.  When I got home I told the twins that from time to time they need to butcher a goat or kill a deer and take them the meat.

One of the Twins suggested we slaughter a yearling so they could have some really tender beef. My face blushed. Of course he was right. I told them sometime in February kill a calf for them. You see, I believe in neighbor taking care of neighbor and not the government.     Email:

It’ Not Over

December 24, 2009

This is one man we must make sure doesn’t get re-elected. His name is Harry Reid.

I realize many of you have thrown up your hands and given up, but we have just started to fight. They sucker punched us and bloodied our noses. If you have never been in  a fist fight you may not understand. When you work in the oil fields, fighting is part of weekend fun. I recall a fight I had when I was in my mid twenties. Our shift had ended and we all headed for our favorite watering hole. A rival crew was there and before long bets were being made by my ‘friends’ that I could whip their stud. That was back when I drank and after a couple of long necks it sounded like a pretty good idea.

Bets were made and we all headed to the back to duke it out.  I recall him being a big sucker with fists like steel balls.  As we turned the corner he hit me in the back of my head. Stars flashed as I went face first into the gravel in the back of the beer joint.  I laid there for a minute or so to clear my head.  I could feel the warm blood oozing from my nose. I knew the moment I moved I’d get his boot in my ribs. I did a quick roll away from him and popped up on my feet.  The fight was on. I saw I was not going to be able to stand toe to toe and slug it out. He had a longer reach and had boxed in Golden Gloves.  When you are facing defeat you have to take drastic moves. I lowered my shoulder and made the perfect football tackle slamming his back into the side of a pickup truck bed.  I don’t remember the make but there was a raised roll around the edge of the bed.  I drove him into that railing and did some damage to his back. 

I didn’t let go.  I picked him up with my arms still locked around his waist and threw him into the front seat of the pickup truck. Some spectator had driven around and left his truck door open.  Once I got him in the front seat I proceeded to beat him ’til he was knocked out cold.

That was the last fight I had at the old watering hole.  Everyone thought I was a bad butt and walked clear of me. The big tough guy never returned.

Harry Reid and his bunch gave us a sucker punch and we may have to wait till November 2010 to whip their rears, but we can. We can render them defeated by voting them out. I need every one of you to double your resolve you are going to get rid of the liberals who are trying to destroy our country and replace them with conservatives. There are going to be good people running and we need to do all in our power to back them. Reid made my nose bleed, but the taste of the salt in the blood has made me want to bow my neck and fight. We are not whipped till we cry ‘calf rope.’    It’s not the size of the man but the size of the fight in the man that counts.  Don’t give up now, fists have just started flying.



December 23, 2009

I’m sure you have seen the systemic attack on Christmas.  It galls me when a clerk says, “Happy Holidays.”   That is why I would never buy anything at Best Buy.  They are ‘Holiday’ folks. A lot of the big box stores say Holiday Greetings and such.  When a clerk or waitress gives me that Holiday cop-out I stop and tell them “Merry Christmas.”  I often stop and tell them we are celebrating the birth of Christ.  Christ is the reason for Christmas.

What I find interesting is that every president starting with George Washington has celebrated Christmas either in their homes or the White House. George Washington threw a big Christmas party in his home.  Thomas Jefferson also threw a Christmas party in his home.  He gave his slaves a week off so they could celebrate the birth of Christ. US Grant made Christmas an official government holiday.  Andrew Jackson held church services in the White House to celebrate the birth of Christ. Richard Nixon had Billy Graham give the Christmas sermon at Christmas in the White House.  Even Bill Clinton celebrated the birth of Christ.

This year we will take Christ out of Christmas so as not to offend anyone. This is the first time in the history of our country we have removed Christ from Christmas. We light up the Holiday tree. ????????

I don’t have time to go into deep detail, but I think December 25th is not the birth date of our Lord.  I think that is the date of His conception. Which in my way of thinking is when life started.  It’s more likely he was born on St. Michael’s Day, which is September 29th.  Shepherds were watching their flocks on the hillside.  They would not be doing that in the winter.  If He was conceived on Dec 25, nine months later would be St. Michael’s Day.  Even though He was not born on December 25, that is when his earthly life began; therefore it’s fitting we celebrate Christmas on that day.

Here at the Cooper Ranch we all wish you a Christ filled Christmas and may you have a darn good 2010. If we vote out the liberals we can be assured of a great 2010.

Keep looking up… Will Cooper     Email:

On Second Thought

December 22, 2009

The Socialism train is on the track and heading our way in the form of the healthcare bill.

We didn’t lose, we simply didn’t have the key to the government vault. I just found out Reid gave Chris Dodd of Connecticut $100 million of the healthcare funds to build a big hospital.  As you probably know Dodd is running way behind in his 2010 bid to return to the Senate.

Seems to me that Connecticut is getting a lot of perks.  Joe Lieberman is their other Senator and we all know he got a big pay off for his vote. No doubt Burris of Chicago reaped some $$$$ to vote for the bill.  Chris Dodd is a crook and needs to be defeated. Joe Lieberman is all for Joe. He was going to vote yes all along, he just wanted to make sure he got paid.

Bernie Sanders was holding out for a public option until Harry gave him $10 Billion.

Ben ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ Nelson was well paid for his vote. His governor Dave Heineman, had written ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ Ben a letter asking him to stand strong and not vote for the bill because it would hurt the state. The Right to Life group from Nebraska encouraged Ben to not vote for the bill and so did the Catholic Bishops.  Trust me, Nebraska is angry. They put up a website immediately to raise money to defeat him in 2012.  If I were him I’d go to Hawaii or some place other than Nebraska for Christmas. It’s going to get rough if he goes home.  He is being called a traitor and I have no doubt he will lose his seat in the next election. People of that great state have long memories.

You already know about the $300 million for Mary Landrie’s Louisiana vote.  How many more deals were cut we don’t know about?  Keep the faith, it’s not a done deal YET. The House and Senate have to merge their bills, which won’t be easy. The Libs in the house want a single payer system and the Senate is saying don’t mess with our bill.  The Democrats are divided.

We have been told the world loves us now that Obama is president. This is a joke.  Hugo Chavez just said he would shoot down any American airplane that got in his air space. The Castro brothers have been slamming the president.  Cuba’s foreign minister at Copenhagen said Obama is an arrogant, imperial liar.  He didn’t like the back room deals or our president talking down to the small countries.  Russia wouldn’t shake hands with him when he went over there. China dressed him down and talked to him like he was a school boy about his reckless spending.  In fact they told him to stop spending.  England is upset with him and France said he is an amateur.  Japan felt he disrespected their Emperor and the Arabs say he is a traitor to the Muslim world. He went to Copenhagen and gained an agreement to meet again to work on an agreement. The world may not have loved George W. Bush but they feared him. They neither fear or love our current president. Iran is flaunting their power by invading Iraq and seizing an oil well.  They would not have done that had Bush been in power.  You need to put on your working boots, we have an election next November and another one in 2012. We need some real change to take place.  Email:

Original Oil Portrait by the author.