What Did You Expect???

I get stacks and stacks of forwarded emails.  Sign this form and you can help us impeach the president.  Send money and we will make him show his birth certificate. Join us and we will make him show us his school records.  This is busy work to make you think you are making a difference.  Stop and think.  Do you think Congress is going to impeach the president?  He would have to commit murder and only then if it was a fellow Democrat.  There was more than ample room to impeach Bill Clinton for lying under oath, but they waited till he left office and gave him a slap on his wrist.  I think he couldn’t practice law for two years.  Poor Bill, he went on a speaking tour and earned  $12 Million.

Face it, Obama won on the birth certificate issue. We have billboards all over the country asking where it is, but nothing has happened.  Obama has spent a million dollars so he doesn’t have to provide us with his long form birth certificate. He has blocked all school records. In truth I’m not sure he has a curriculum Vitae to produce.  There are no school papers and no school awards.  If he is as brilliant at the press says then why no writings to back it up?

One thing that puzzles me the most.  In 1981 he and a dude named Wahid Hamid traveled to Pakistan from the United States. Since Pakistan required a visa to get in the country if you were an American citizen, how did he get such a document?  Could it be he was traveling on a British Passport?   Or one from Indonesia?  And who is Wahid Hamid?  That name sounds like one that might have Muslim ties.

What did you expect from a man whose only job had been as a Community Organizer?  He is soooo out-of-place trying to lead the country.  He is trying to govern like he was a Community Organizer.  He is too light in the pants to run such a powerful job.  When you elect an empty suit what do you expect?  Did you think he would turn out to be another Bill Clinton?  May I remind you Mr. Clinton was the state Attorney General in Arkansas when he was 23.  He served a long time as Governor of Arkansas.  He had government experience.  His wife, Hillary, worked on the impeachment of Richard Nixon.  They knew their way around Washington.  Obama has 134 days as a Senator and a bunch of those he was not there for the vote.

What did you expect?  Did you think those power speeches were his?   He can read a tele-prompter and deliver the lines.  He said whatever rolled in front of him and the gullible people went nuts.  He said he would govern from the center, but he is as radical as his friends.  What’s the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together?”  His cabinet is filled with communists and radicals…because he is a radical.  All of his friends are radicals.  His pastor believes in black liberation.  The guy who wrote his book, Bill Ayers, is a domestic terrorist. His mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.  His mother hated American men and continued to get hooked up with foreigners.  If your mother hates America, then you probably will as well.

He never had the American Experience. He doesn’t know the America you and I grew up with. I’ve been to Hawaii enough to know they don’t believe in the America Spirit. Hawaiians think we took their Islands by force, which we did.

Don’t buy a mule and think you are getting a horse.  Who he is, was absolutely no secret.  Many of us tried to warn you, but his message was so strong. People felt we could show the world we are not racist if we elected a mixed race guy.  The people spoke and now we are paying the price.   It is what it is.  Stay focused on 2010 and then we will make the big change in 2012.

Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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