Computers #Z$&X!*%

We call it working for a living.

The past two days have been extremely frustrating for me.  I went to bed Monday night with the computer working. Got up the next morning to see if they had raised the red flag with the sickle and star over Washington.  I couldn’t get online.  I’m way, way, way out in the boonies.  No high-speed broadband stuff for us. I’m just one step above dial-up.  I called.  The good thing about my server is the techs ALL speak English.  We spent a good hour doing all kinds of computer things about which I had no clue before he decided the router had gone bad.  He told me where to go in Corpus Christi to pick up a new one.  He said he would call so they would be expecting me.  After some chores I drove in and the process was flawless.  I wasn’t in the store longer than three minutes.  “Piece of cake”, I thought as I headed home.

Once in the house I set up the new router.  No service.  Back to the phone.  This tech thought the new one was bad.  My heart dropped. My longhorn cattle drive was already above $500 and I was curious to see where it landed.  He told me that he would send a tech out the next morning (today).  Sure enough, at 9AM my gate buzzed and I let her in.  I will have to say she is the cutest geek I’ve ever seen.  Cute young thang with a super brain.  In less than five minutes she had changed out my new router for another new router and this one worked.  By then I couldn’t hang around the house and surf the Internet, I had to get my rear to work.  One thing about cattle and horses, they don’t understand Internet break downs. My men are great and picked up my slack without a whimper.

I suffered through the surrender by the president last night.  I have never see a war forfeited before.  Unless you live in La-La Land you saw a brilliant surrender.  Our president raised the white flag, only he is doing so 18 months in advance.  My question is why send the men and women over to Afghanistan when they will start coming home by the time the last one arrives.  By setting a time-table the enemy knows we are leaving  and when. 

The president made a mistake by using the young officers as his backdrop.  Before his speech the Commander of the Academy gave the young cadets a pep talk. He urged them to give the president good support.  His words fell on deaf ears.  No one applauded until the end when the president spoke of freedom and the American spirit.  When the cameras did pan the faces you saw no approval.  Some looked asleep. Even liberal Chris Mathews, who said he gets tingles down his leg with Obama speaks said, “The president went to the enemy camp tonight to make his speech.”   Had Bush addressed the same group he would have had a hard time finishing because of all the cheers and support.  The kids at the Academy know THIS president doesn’t like the military.  He proved that before he was elected.  He voted against them 100% of the time.  

I have never played a football game that I didn’t plan on winning. The American Military doesn’t like to fight in fights they cannot win.  There is no way they can win this in eighteen months.  The president knows this and so do the young men and women he is sending in harm’s way.  There is little doubt the president is bringing them home in eighteen months to help him win re-election.   Nice try, but he is one and done.    Email:   


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