Huck and Stuff

West Point Cadet reading a book during the President’s speech.

The young people showed their disdain for the Commander-in-Chief when he addressed the nation from their campus.  They were made to attend. These bright young people understand the president is anti-military.  His voting record was 100% against them when he was in the Senate.  I thought you might like to see their reaction. The liberal media will not show you this image.

Poor Mike Huckabee can’t win for losing.  He made one glaring mistake as governor of Arkansas and that was to raise taxes when he ran on the platform of no new taxes. People have a long memory of those who lie about raising taxes.  George Bush Senior lied when he told us, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”  I lost my respect for him when he allowed the pressures of Washington to make him change his mind.  His lies started the decline of the Republican party.  If you can’t trust your president then who can you trust?

Bill Clinton went in as a known liar and when he fibbed people said, “Bill is just being Bill.”   When Bush Senior lied, he broke the trust we gave him. We expected a higher standard out of him.  I don’t know why though, after all he had been the head of our CIA. That’s equivalent to the KGB in Russia.

I know you thought I was going to say Huck pardoning a guy who went to Washington State and killed four policemen would be his Waterloo.  I doubt it. The Willie Horton case was then and it took traction.  Huck will get some negative blowback, but it won’t sink his bid.  Should she decide to run, that fast talking, quick-witted, good-looking lady from Alaska will be his roadblock.  If she runs she will gobble up the right-wing voters who would tend to go with Huckabee.   Sarah has already sold over 1 million books.  Her publisher has increased the first run of Going Rouge to 2.8 million copies.

A lot of you have not read her book. You are still listening to the left media on how dumb and unqualified she is.  Dream on.  She is far more qualified than our current president.  She has run things…he organized people for community affairs.  She fired people, she hired people.  He had done neither.

Sarah Palin Book Lines are taking an interesting twist.

Huckabee cannot come close to beating Sarah should she decide to run.  Mitt Romney is a dead fish. He has no charisma.  Qualified, yes, boring, yes.  Tim Pawlenty has not gained any traction. Bobby Jindal is too young.  Sanford of SC can’t keep his pants zipped up.  Charlie Crist of FL sold out to Obama on the Stimulus Bill. He is falling fast and the young Cuban conservative is going to beat him in the Senate race.  Who else is there?   Newt??? Give me a break. Newt showed us his colors when he endorsed Dede in NY 23.  He is dead in the water.  One of you smart Republicans give me the name of someone who can beat Obama.   Let’s face it, Sarah is the only conservative that can match Obama with star power.

Sarah and Michele Bachmann are speaking at a TEA Party in Nashville in February.  Ticket is $550 plus hotel.  I may go.

Buy this book and then tell me what you think.  A lot of you have not got your copy.  Do it this week.



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