It’s Cold!!!

This is where I’m moving. This Global Warming is freezing me to death.

Before one of you from the frozen tundra tells me I’m a wimp, I will quickly admit I am one.  I live down here in the sticks because I don’t want to shovel snow and freeze my rear off when I feed the horses.  We had snow yesterday.  Ours just dusted the ground but Houston was a blanket of white.  I saw on the news that some northern states are having record levels of snow.  What is my president doing?  He is going to Copenhagen to work on a global warming treaty of sorts.  It’s really an excuse to tax us and send our money to third world countries.  It was 24 degrees when I went out this morning and broke the ice in the water troughs.  My cattle and horses have to have water and it may not warm up enough today to thaw the ice. I’m still shivering from the cold.

When the Green Group changed the title from Global Warming to Climate Change, they used the right word. Climate does change, but man doesn’t make the changes.  I read where some science guy said if the entire world went green, we could change the climate .000,000.0007th of  a percent.

The conservatives in Hollywood are asking Al Gore to return his Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth, which was based on a lie.  I notice Al canceled his big talk in Copenhagen. It was a $1,200 a plate dinner.  Climategate is starting to take traction.  But not with ABC, CBS or NBC.  Three weeks have passed and not a word about the fake Global Warming on the big three.  Our president is moving forward as if there had been no Climategate.  Let’s face it good folks, it was never about climate.  It’s about cap and trade, which is really cap and tax. This global warming hoax is just another excuse to tax us.

If I got tax relief I’d hire two or three more people. I would double my work force.  I realize me hiring three people won’t solve the jobs problem in America, but if enough Will Coopers, Randy Blins, Tim Luthers, and Butch Craigs could double their work force we would see our country back on its feet in a short time.  We are all taxed to the hilt and it’s going to get worse.  It’s pretty clear the truth about the global warming is not going to stop the Democrats from pushing cap and trade.  They know the whole thing is a hoax, but they will push ahead as if they were saving the world.  What they will do is destroy America.  Stong words, but if we keep having taxes added on our backs we can’t stay in business.

The Estate Tax will not be in effect in 2010.  This is a great year for your rich uncle to die.  In 2011 the Estate Tax will be 55%.   Your father worked all his life, scrimped to save and when he dies the government will take 55% of all he saved.  Theirs comes off the top.

The Bush tax cuts will expire and Obama will not keep them in place.  This is another tax hike on folks like us.

It’s coming. I don’t know when, but the government is going to tax the Internet. It may come in the form of taxing emails.  I’ve heard figures of a nickel per email.  How many billion emails are sent each day?   Do you think the government is going to hang around and watch us have uncontrolled freedom on the internet? They see the Internet as a cash cow.  You may be charged a fee for a Website.  Like a license to operate.  Right now some little geeks with thick glasses are in the basement of the White House cooking up ways to tax the Internet.

We live in a world where the truth is avoided.  Republicans lie as much as Democrats when it’s to their advantage.  Everyone is Washington knows where jobs come from…they know small businesses are the key to jobs.  America’s small business are the key to recovery but you don’t see anyone saying this.



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