The Future

President Obama just gave me American Citizenship!!! YIPPEE!!!!

It’s coming to an area near you.  Amnesty.  Citizenship for 20 million illegal aliens.  This is the Democrat’s goal.  20 million new voters.  With Acorn taking a hit the Democrat party will have to look other places for votes. One sure way is to make all the Illegals, citizens.  A happy bunch of illegals will be thrilled to be bused to the voter booths come 2010.  Can you think of another reason we would want to grant citizenship to a group of people who broke the law to come into our country?

Blanch Lincoln in Arkansas knows she will be voted out of office if she votes yes on this healthcare bill.  Three Republicans are set up to run against her and all have a 10 point lead at this time. If she votes for the bill then that number will grow to 30%.  She is out on her ear.  She is not the only one feeling the heat.  Harry Reid has flat lined since August. He is falling behind by a bigger spread.  The two Republicans running against him in Nevada are well ahead of him and gaining more ground.  Yet the suicidal Reid is still pushing for this monster tax bill called healthcare.  Is he stupid or ready to retire?  I doubt if he is ready to retire.  Robert C. Byrd had been in the Senate 52 years.  They never retire, we have to vote them out.  Why would they retire, they work three days a week and live well off taxpayers’ money.  Democrat Max Baucus tried to push his girl-friend into a posh government job with the Attorney Generals’ office.  I suspect he will be investigated by the Senate.  Let’s face it folks, Washington DC is a mess.

Do we have the will to clean house?  I know this summer the TEA Parties sprouted like sand burrs all over the country.  Do the TEA Parties have the glue to keep them together for the fall elections?  In San Antonio there is already a split in the local TEA Party.  A power struggle on who will run things.  We may end up with two groups.  That’s not good.  We need unity.  The guy who says he came up with the National idea is on the radio saying his idea was stolen from him.  I don’t see the TEA Parties belonging to any group.  This is a grass-roots movement of the people for the people.   Reminds me of a Baptist Church with the name of Friendship or Harmony.  They split faster than a drunken sailor’s one date marriage.

If you are part of a TEA Party, for the sake of our country don’t squabble over who gets credit.  Be concerned that we vote out the big spenders.

I’m not a joiner.  I’m not a Republican, I’m conservative, a Christian and a guy who loves my country. I don’t think we need a third party, unless we want to give Obama another four years. I don’t belong to the Red Cross, or a certain church group.  The only thing I ever joined was the Boy Scouts so I could get that neat book that teaching tracking and all sorts of great stuff.   I go to TEA Parties, but I’m not a card carrying member.

Here is the future.  We either stay focused on removing the big spenders, Republican or Democrat and replace them with people who will work for us.  This is how we can save America.  We win one vote at a time.  I can’t change Kentucky, South Dakota or Florida, but I can help change the 28th District of Texas.  We each do what we can locally and the bigger picture will come into focus.   Email:


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