Too Many Trees

December 7th a day we each should remember. If you have never visited Pearl Harbor, do before you die. Today is the 68th year since the bombing.

Seems like a fair exchange of information.

The old saying, “I can’t see the forest for the trees,” is a nice way to describe what’s going on in Washington.  We are being shown so many little things we lose sight of the real issue. The party crashers are just a bunch of trees blinding us from seeing the real issue of health care. The president’s long delay in making up his mind on sending more troops was just a bunch of trees.  He wanted us to tie up our time fretting over his failure to act.  He would take that heat to pull attention away from the biggest tax burden ever placed on a group of people.  He has rushed over to the Senate to see if he can pull this failed health care bill out of the fire.

I think the president has placed too many marbles in the health care game. He has ignored the number one issue in the minds of the American people.  JOBS!!!   Not government jobs, but REAL jobs.  Jobs that small companies add to their workforce.  His recent jobs summit was a photo-op.  If you take government money to hire more government workers, this is not providing jobs, but spreading yours and my wealth.  Not that I have any wealth…but what little I do have I want to be the one who decides on where it is spent.

I hear from a bright young man who is in the tank for Obama.  He writes me often to correct a misspelled word or something he doesn’t agree with me on. It’s clear he doesn’t work and has tons of time to listen to the radio, watch television and read.  He is very well-informed, but his base is off.  He thinks with a liberal’s brain.  Liberalism is not business friendly.  The president and his men are talking of giving employers a $3k to $5k tax break for everyone they hire.   You can’t hire a dud for less than $25,000 a year.  If they really want to put people back to work give the small businesses a $25,000 tax credit for each person they hire.  I could use three or four more men.

The only reason the president and his lemmings are talking about jobs is the message of the TEA Parties have reached the dozens of Democrat House and Senate members who are about to lose their jobs.  When they go home for Christmas they will be hit with the need for jobs and for them to stop trying to push a health care bill through that the majority of the Americans don’t want.

This is the time we need to pull out our bush knives and start whacking out the underbrush so we can see the real trees.  One real tree is that Global Warming is a hoax.  Saudi Arabia is now asking for an investigation.  The Copenhagen summit will have 1,200 limos and 145 private planes. That group will push more CO2 in the air than several small countries combined. Yet they want to tell us what’s good for the world.  It doesn’t take a brain to see there is no global warming.  Houston had three inches of snow last week.  Several countries are setting cold records.  Global warming is a hoax to allow a few to become mega wealthy with this cap-and-trade scam.  This cap and TAX scam is the most egregious thing ever done to mankind.

Why do I continue to bog?   If not me, who?  I see a lot of people get worked up but after a month they fizzle out.  I’m in this for the long haul.  I want to see the change come in 2010 and 2012.   Let’s make it happen.    Email:


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