Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

This is news that will shock some of you Kool-aid drinkers. I hope it doesn’t drive you to heavy drinking and wrist slitting.  Today the Los Angles Times ran an article that said Sarah Palin has climbed in the polls to within one point of the president.  His approval is 47% and Sarah’s 46%.  Dick Cheney has climbed to 39%.   I have a hunch that Dick is going to jump into the race.  I don’t think that’s a good idea.  He will be tied to George W. Bush, even though he is his own man.  

In two weeks Sarah Palin has sold 2.7 Million copies of her book.  Have you got your copy yet?   Even you liberals need to read her book. Before you judge, she what she has to say. I think you will be amazed. 

Harry Reid said this week the Republicans are treating the health care bill like they did slavery.  There is one small, glaring problem with what he said.  If my memory of history is correct it was the Republicans who fought to free the slaves.  The Republicans believed all men should be  free so strongly they brought about the horrible Civil War. It was the Wiggs, (Republicans) who voted against Texas becoming a state.  Texas had slaves and would have made an imbalance of slave voters against the non slave voting north.  In the Civil Rights bill of 1964 it was the Southern Democrats who filibustered the bill.  The Republicans were responsible for the bill eventually passing. 

Martin Luther King was a registered Republican. Harry would like to play the race card on the Republicans, but that old dog won’t hunt. The health care bill is not about race, it’s about government control of our lives. Harry, Nancy and sadly the president are making everything about race.  If we didn’t vote for Obama we were racists.  Never matter that he is only 50% black, a no vote is a racist vote. 

Trust me on this good people, America is more divided along  race lines now than it has been in 40 years.  Instead of unifying the races the president has split us down the middle.  Not just him but Nancy and Harry when they accuse white people of not voting for cap-and-trade and healthcare because we are racists.  Bill Clinton, the first black president started bringing the races together and George Bush knocked down the color barrier.  Bush spent more money on Africa than any other president.  Obama has a half-brother who lives in a dirt floor, one room shack in Kenya.  Obama is wealthy enough he could send his brother $10,000 and never miss it from his checking account. 

If you will recall Obama signed a book deal for $500,000 the day before he was sworn in.  I don’t know how he is going to write the book. His buddy Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist is angry with the president. Ayers wrote his first books.  Ayers is angry over the additional troops sent to Afghanistan.  He was part of a protest in Chicago last week.  I suggest the president fly to Chicago and have a beer summit with Ayers.  He needs to save his writer from jumping ship.  Once the book comes due he will be lost without Bill Ayers.  That is one of the problems when you don’t write your own books.  You might be asked to do a third one. (smile)

I don’t have a handle on this health care bill.  I do know a few so-called Blue Dog Democrats are between a rock and an unemployed place.  If they vote for the bill this time around they are out of a job. It’s just that simple.

Now the EPA is saying we all have to stop breathing.  We are putting out too much CO2.  I’m confident the president with sign the pact in Copenhagen.  Even though the liberals know Global Warming is a lie, they are pushing forward.  It was never about global warming, but TAXES.  It’s always been about cap and tax. 

Do you feel powerless?  I sure do.  I feel like I’m riding point when the cattle stampede.  I can shout and wave my hands, but the cattle keep on coming. Our government is an out of control cattle stampede.   Email:


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