Will’s Warriors

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I was just on Drudge and BigGovernment.com and now we know how Obama paid off Hillary’s $6 million dollar campaign debt. He promised to pay off her debt if she would drop out of the race and not take it to a floor fight.  Obama and his people took $6 million of the bailout money and gave it to Mrs. Clinton’s pollster Mark Penn to clean up her debt. Obama’s bunch said it was for jobs. Three jobs. That’s $2 million per job.  I know I’m working in the wrong place.  Folks, we got a mess going on in Washington. I don’t think what they did is legal. 

Two years ago we pledged to fight as warriors to stop the far left Obama from being elected president.  A monkey wrench was tossed our way when the media helped the Republicans pick John McCain. Bob Dole was a better candidate when he unsuccessfully ran.  The moment McCain got the nod I knew we were in trouble. I asked you to be a Will’s Warrior.  I promised to continue to fight if I was the only team member left.  Along the way a lot of you have ceased to be a Will’s Warrior, but a core of you have stood tall.  You have made phone calls, sent emails, faxes and written letters.  Some of you have gone to Town hall meetings and others to the Steps of the Capital in Washington DC.  I want to thank you warriors who have remained true and stood with me.

It’s easy to be a warrior when we are winning, but seeing all of our efforts turned down by Washington really hurts.  We know they are not listening to us. I’ve called my Representative so much his people know my voice.  He is a liberal who lies and says he is a Blue Dog.  I don’t think we can vote him out.  65% or more of my district is Mexican and so is my Rep.  There is a group of conservatives in the middle of the district, but not enough of us to do any good.  He refused to have town hall meetings in our area.  Unless some strong voice emerges this spring I’m doomed to keep my double-crossing Rep.  He is voting for the public option.  He voted for cap-and-trade. 

I have two pretty good Senators.  John Cornyn is great.  Kay Bailey Hutchinson is so, so.  She spends too much.  Kay is leaving to run against Perry for Governor. I just hope we can fill her spot with someone like John Cornyn.   Being a warrior in Texas is as trying as it is in any state.  We have more than our share of flaming liberals.   

Running McCain would be like the University of Texas deciding to sit Colt McCoy, a four year starter and putting in their freshman who hasn’t taken a snap, when they play Alabama for the National Championship.  They chances of winning would be slim to none.  No doubt John is a fine man, without question he is a true war hero. That and $10 will get you a cup of coffee in a Seattle Starbucks.  We were defeated from the start.  He picked Sarah Palin and she brought fresh energy to the race. She pulled us ahead and then the man-made drop in the stock market doomed our chances.  McCain rushed back to Washington to fix the problem. He canceled his face to face with Obama in Mississippi.  Too bad John didn’t hold to his first thoughts.  He went to Washington and stood around.  Then meekly went back down to Mississippi for the debate. 

But we warriors took the hand dealt us and played our best game.  We lost and the country lost.  We now have the biggest spender in the history of the world as our president. Two weeks ago he was going to balance the budget and this week he is going to spend another $200 Billion.  He is going to tax us in ways you and I cannot imagine.

But Warriors…the fight is not over.  We can make real changes Nov. 2010 and again in 2012.  It’s not over till the fat lady sings and she is just warming up her voice. Keep the faith. We will win and win big in November then make a clean sweep in 2012.   We still have the power to vote.  Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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