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Will Cooper Self Portrait in Oil Paint

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned anything local, but we have had some things worth writing about.  Three or four weeks ago a constable from down near Kingsville spotting an old pickup truck make an erratic U-Turn and decided to check it out. He noticed a tarp pulled over the back of the pickup truck and ran the plates.  The plates didn’t match the truck.  The young officer flipped on his red-light and pulled closer. The driver of the pickup truck put his foot on the gas and away they went.  When the cop got a little too close, the pickup truck turned off and headed into the brush.  Down here we have a lot of mesquite trees.  They don’t grow very tall and to you people who have towering trees you would consider them brush.

When the pickup truck left the road, he had no idea he was diving into a gravel pit. Years back road workers had dug gravel from this pit and left a gaping hole. He plunged head first into the deep hole.  I don’t remember the exact number, but seems to me 15 illegal aliens were killed and several more severely injured.  Illegals were crammed in the bed and cab of the truck thick as worms in a can.  Had the driver waited another 500 yards he would have run off into level ground.  Some of those killed were mothers with little children.

The myth that the number of Illegals has slowed down is just that, a myth.  Homeland Security has made it easier for the illegals to cross over. In Arizona the government has restricted areas that the Border Patrol cannot travel in a truck or four-wheeler.  They have to look for the illegals on the back of a horse. The government wants to protect the desert plants.  Never mind terrorists may be using that route to get into our country, the endangered plants may get crunched.

This brings me to a few days ago.  I was in town picking up some supplies at our local feed store. The owner has a police scanner and listens to all the cops chattering. It’s his entertainment.  To be honest he can be a tad nosie at times.  Anyway, I was in his store when the call came out about some escaped illegal aliens.  The request was the Highway Patrol was wanting local ranchers to help them find the escaped illegals.

I have a permit to carry and also keep my 30-30 in the gun rack in my pickup truck.  My heart started pumping, like when you see your first big white tail buck with a rack four feet wide.  I paid for my supplies and headed out to where the cops were gathered.  When I got there, there were a dozen ranchers, a lot of local law people and three Highway Patrol cars. No Border Patrol.

An hour earlier a local Highway Patrol spotted a tan Dodge pickup truck with a big sheet of plywood in the back.  He could see hands holding the plywood down from underneath. He ran the plates and they were stolen.  He flipped on his lights and the pickup truck took off.  A high-speed chase lasted three or four miles and then suddenly the Dodge truck left the blacktop and went into the trees (underbrush).  People jumped out and went in all directions. The one Highway Patrolman didn’t know which one to follow so he summoned for help.

One old rancher, whose home was near, was afraid for his wife and went to protect his home.  On the way he spotted three shivering aliens and told them to climb in the back. One of them told him where five more were.  He drove on down and picked them up. That day we got down to 23 degrees during the night.  They didn’t have coats and were more than ready to turn themselves in.  I was still with the cops when he returned.

Talking with one of those captured he said there were 27 in the Dodge pickup truck.  I stayed and helped keep an eye on the eight the old rancher brought in.  I saw they were freezing and built a fire alongside the road.  The next batch brought in had three men from China in the group. They didn’t speak English and none of us spoke Chinese.  As the sun got lower and the temperature dropped illegals began coming out of hiding. They were freezing.  We took 20, but seven including the driver escaped.

When the Border Patrol arrived to haul them away, we ranchers all felt we needed to go protect our homes.  The seven would need food and transportation. I don’t know what happened to the seven. I’ve heard no news.  I do know this, if one or all barge into some rancher’s house they will be hauled off in a hearse. They will be graveyard dead.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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