This Terrorist is being brought to NYC for trail. Why???

This week a 98 year old woman killed her 100 year old room mate in New Bedford Mass.  Is the killer insane or just blew her stack when the older woman used some of her space?  The killer’s lawyer says, treat her like she was two years old.  But she is not two. She gave thought to killing the older woman and then carried out her plan.  We live  in an insane world.

Police in NJ arrested a man who had his wife stuffed in his suitcase.

More insane is the group of hunters caught in a snow storm in northern Arizona.  I think it is a group of 14 hunters who are trapped and evidently no way to communicae with the outside world. No one knows if they are dead or alive.  If they were experienced hunters they had to know the dangers of a sudden winter storm in that part of the country. I went through Flagstaff in May one year and got caught in a snow storm. It’s pretty clear no one had a compass.  That’s insanity.

I was watching the Spurs last night while I was painting and remembered that Hannity was doing a special on the 9-11 trials in New York City. The president has done some insane things since he was elected, but this is the cherry on top of the cake. It was bad enough he allowed Air Force One fly low over the World Trade Center area. He panicked New York City. They thought they were under attack again.  Well, this time they will be under attack.  The president and Holder are bringing the five killers too NYC and giving them a civil trial.

The families of the 9-11 victims are livid. He is forcing them to relive this horrible event were almost 3,000 Americans were murdered. Let’s face it, our president has no sympathy with those who lost so much in 9-11.  It’s insane to bring that group to NYC.  It’s going to be a circus.  The terrorists  will be allowed to speak and the liberal NYC press will be more than happy to record the killers messages. This trial will become a platform for spreading the terrorists message of hate. 

I could see the pain in the faces in his audience. The room was filled with people who lost people they loved to 9-11.  I tip my hat to Hannity for the show, but it will served no purpose other than give him bigger ratings.  The president doesn’t care if they have pain.  He wants his record to show he put the terrorist through a fair trail.  He needs to do like we do down in Texas. We collect ’em and inject ’em.  The old way in Texas was try ’em and fry ’em.   Either way would be fine with me.

Back in the 1880s a man caught on a stolen horse was hauled to the tallest big oak tree and given a neck-tie party.  Those who captured him, gave him a fair trail on the way to the big oak.  I think that killing the 9-11 bunch would be too kind.  They need to be put in a Maximum Federal Lockup and live in a 6’x8′ cell, with no windows, plus no communication with anyone. Not even the guards.  Not allow them a platform to spread their hate. 

The 9-11 trials in NYC is insane. Cap and trade (tax) is insane. This government healtcare bill is insane.  They are going to lower the age to 55 and put everyone that age and older on Medicare AND cut $500 Billion out of Medicre.  Insane, it’s insane. No one will get good care. Doctors won’t have time to see a patient.  This climate bill is a scam.  Man is not making the globe go warm…it’s insane or maybe it’s not…Al Gore and his clan will become billionaires off the backs of working folks like you and me.  We cattle raisers will be hit hard. There is a push on the left to stop people eating meat.  Our cows are putting out too much greenhouse gas.   We live in an insane time.   Email


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