Cuba Etc…

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

Last night a doctor friend and his wife invited me to dinner.  I took Lex along to add some class on my side.  The doctor and his wife are well-traveled and great with conversation…Lex is as well.  I’ve done more than my share of world travel, but not in the past few years.  I’ve become married to the soil and just can’t seem to get away. The other reason is  I can’t think of any other places I’d like to see. 

I brought this up because Doc wants to visit Cuba. He mentioned he might go through Mexico and over.  Then on Drudge this morning I read where Cuba has arrested an American. Not much information is known other than the guy arrested was an agent of Obama.  Seems Obama is using your and my money to supply cell phones and laptops to the Cubans. The Castro brothers don’t much like the idea.  For them to stay in power, they don’t want an informed people.  People with cell phones and laptops might learn about freedom. I have no idea what will happen to the guy…Castro will probably lock him up and toss the key.  Castro will give the laptops and cell phones to his staff.  He will not let the common Cuban have anything that gives them information.

The Internet, talk radio and cell phones keep us informed. Obama and his lemmings would love to shut down talk radio and control the Internet. That won’t happen, but it is his goal.  Without talk radio, the Internet and cell phones the government would have no resistence.  He would have pushed the health care bill through in August. Remember the big push? “People are dying, we must get them health care.”  The big lie is even if they pass the bill today it won’t go into effect for four years.  The New Media has kept us informed. All major newspapers are losing readers and laying off people. The New Media is growing.  I have no idea how many people blog.  I have about 40 New Media sites on my internet bookmark. I have more than I have time to read.  I could put up 100 with little effort.  All of them sharing information the newspapers and television don’t cover.

In truth the tabloids do a better job of reporting than the traditional Newspapers. The tabloids broke the Tiger Woods story. They broke the Mark Sanford story. This used to be the job of the mainstream newspapers, but now they are propoganda rags. You never see a negative Obama story in the regular newspapers.  On the other hand they write pages and pages about how stupid Sarah Palin is. 

Back to the Doctor. He wants to start raising horses.  Race horses.  I tried to explain 40,000 race horse foals are born each year yet only twenty of those run the first Saturday in May. I suggested his odds would be better to invest that money in the lottery.  He has a better chance winning the lottery than breeding a Derby horse.  I didn’t say winner, just a horse good enough to run in the Derby. And if you get one it costs you $100,000 to let him step into the starting gate.  I love my doctor friend, but he doesn’t have the kind of money it takes to produce a Derby horse. Even a Stakes winner.  Racing horses takes big money. 

He was wanting to stable and train them at my ranch. I have the room and barns, but I wouldn’t take his money knowing he was dealing himself  a losing hand. I told him to stick to cutting peoples feet off or whatever he does. (Smile.)     Email:


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