Self Portrait of Will Cooper

I can’t think of a crime, short of murder, that is worse than rape and at the top of that scale is the rape of an elderly person. I should say elderly women. It’s men who are rapists. I guess there are some isolated cases of a woman or women raping, but the number is tiny compared to men. Recently in Ohio the police arrested a rapist who ended up being a serial killer.  He had the women’s bodies buried in the back yard and walls of the house.  He picked up hookers and brought them to his house, where he raped and then killed.  It’s sad but when a hooker is missing no one looks for her. They are lost to society. The killer is black, dispelling the myth that all serial killers are white men between the age of 27 and 35.  They are not all Ted Bundys. 

In the case of the hookers their life style put them in harm’s way. But what about the older women in Texas who are being raped in their homes? If you live in Texas and are 60 or older you need to know we have a serial rapist on the prowl.  The police call him the Twilight Rapist. He is working small towns, like Yoakum, Centerville and Martin. These are just a few of the small towns where this creep is raping older women.  He breaks in between 4AM and 6AM, thus the Twilight Rapist.  He cuts the phone wires and picks on women living alone.

One 80-year-old woman had a stroke while being raped. Police are not sure if she will make it.  A 76-year-old lady was raped in her home. The police moved her to a safer location and he broke in THAT house and raped her again. I can’t image the horror any of these women felt, but the poor lady who moved and he found her again is even more than tragic.

He has broken into nursing homes and raped.  You would think an older woman would be safe in a nursing home.  This guy works only small communities of 5,000 or less people. The towns are spread over a 200 mile area.  There is no pattern to which town he will hit next.  The Texas Rangers have been called in to help catch the guy. 

He always takes things, but has not left a finger print.  I don’t know about DNA.  The rapes take place in the dark and the descriptions are too varied to be of any help. I would think most of the older women are in a state of shock and can’t remember much about the guy.  

The owner of a Yoakum pawn shop said he has sold over 400 cans of pepper spray since the first rape.  He said gun sales have blown through the roof.  Women in these small towns are meeting and planning to protect themselves.  Several no longer sleep in their bed, but rather slumber in a comfortable chair with a shotgun in their lap.  Trust me not even a cop would want to rattle the door of some of these older women…they would be blasted into the next county. 

They have come up with something I never thought of but it’s brilliant. Women in the area of the rapes are buying wasp spray.  Do you know what I mean?  It’s an insecticide that comes in a aerosol can that can be shot about thirty feet and kills wasps on contact.  Evidently it almost blinds a man if shot in the face with this goo. I keep a  can for yellow jackets and wasps, but I never thought of it as a defense weapon. I’m told if hit in the face the stuff would cause the perp to have to go to a hospital for treatment.  Ladies, you might want to get you a can. Most grocery stores or Wal-Mart carry this stuff. 

The Texas Rangers think he runs or works for some kind of service company that services these areas. The newspapers are full of stories on this rapist, which probably only makes him bolder. He loves seeing his name in print.  If I could catch him, I would hog tie, castrate him and then turn him over to the  law.  I don’t know of any story that has impacted me harder than the thought of a 79-year-old woman being overpowered in her own bed and raped.  This is beyond sick.  Women, be careful the world is full of sleazebags.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

Ladies, buy yourself a gun and learn to use it.  Should the time arise you need protection, pull the trigger and then sort things out. It’s better you shot a potential rapist than let him destroy your life.


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