The Good, The Bad and Ugly

Bill also thought he was President!

I want to give president Obama some credit. Someone suggested I never have anything good to say about the president and perhaps I have been a little firm with what he is doing to the country.  But let’s give him credit.  President Obama has done something no one else could have accomplished.  He put a fire in the belly of the Republicans and energized the conservative base. Obama has defined for us what a Democrat is and has hammered it into our memories.  He defined the left in a way no one has before.  There is a line drawn between what the majority of Americans want and the things the Democrats are trying to accomplish.  In most cases it’s not trying to do but have already done.  No president in the history of  the world has spent so much or gone so deeply into debt.  Mr. Obama came to us as a centrist, but that was simply for show. The moment he took office off came the mask and he went straight into the tax and spend mode.

I want to thank him for helping us sweep out the liberals in the House and Senate in 2010 and to elect some people who care about us remaining a great nation.  I can’t think of any other person who could have done for us what Obama has. It took his radical views to solidify the conservatives and bring the independents into our camp.  If he passes the healthcare bill, that will be the straw that propels us conservatives into power in 2010.  We could take back the house and some say also the Senate.  We all should write Mr. Obama a thank you note.  He has made it possible for us to put people in office who want a smaller government and less taxes.

Then we have Hillary going to Copenhagen and offering to give the Third World countries $100 BILLION each year to help them with green house gases.  I think God has a great sense of humor. It has not snowed in Copenhagen in 14 years and this week they are blanketed with snow and ice.  They are having a blizzard.  One of the worst the city has ever seen. It’s sorta like God is saying, “I control the climate, not a bunch of lying politicians. Whatever is decided is not legal.  Hillary’s words are just that, words. Obama will come to the rescue today and use words, but in the end the spending has to go through Congress and that ain’t going to happen.

Harry Reid won’t let anyone in the Senate read his health care bill, but he is going to try to get it passed before Christmas.  This is ugly.  The health care bill is a mess.  Liberals want government-run health care and the conservatives want to dump the entire thing and start over.  Howard Dean has come out and said, “Kill the Bill.’   Now he is being joined by the AFL-CIO and SEIU.  The Unions want a bill that has the single payer plan.  Reid’s hiding the bill has the Senate divided and hard feelings are rising to the surface. Reid has made things get very ugly on both sides of the aisle.     This is going to be an interesting week…stay tuned.   Email:

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