With Understanding

Before I write the meat of my blog I want to acknowledge the several of you who responded to my piece on the Twilight Rapist.  It’s not surprising that rape has invaded some of your lives.  I don’t really have the capacity to walk in your shoes.  I can empathize with your hurt, but I’m not on your level.  I can’t walk in your boots, because I have never been that close other than learning from the lady whose company does my shipping.  She is the most victorious woman I’ve ever known.  She put her story on her Website for the world to read and they tell me both men and women from all over the world have written.  Many telling their story for the first time.  I asked permission to give you her URL so you can read her powerful story.  www.senkarik.com

I’m sending out a big Texas HUG to those of you who told me your story.  I wept this morning when I read one mother’s struggles.  The horror of rape is it’s generational.  I have heard from more than a dozen women who were raped or had loves ones raped.  One eBay family member sent me some information that I plan to turn over to the Texas Rangers. She had a 70-year-old neighbor who was raped with the same MO.  It’s a long shot, but I think it’s worth the Rangers checking out.

The Democrats got their 60.  Ben Nelson of Nebraska has folded.   He was bribed and he took the money over what his people want.  I know the pressure was heavy, but he went to Washington to serve the people. Harry gave him a deal that means his state will get special tax considerations for Omaha of Mutual and Blue Cross insurance.  Nelson caved on abortion. He was given pork that means we, you and I, will pay for his state’s Medicare forever.  Money talks to the Democrats. Ben Nelson has no character.  Sorry for you good people from this great state.

We have all been praying for God to intervene and He may have.  Today, Saturday, Washington DC is getting 20″ of snow.  I have a feeling a lot of Senators won’t be able to get to work. I know Lieberman was out-of-town and can’t get back.  This means they could lose a couple of vital days to get this done before Christmas.  Several Republicans like Tom Coburn of OK and Jim DeMent of SC plan to introduce several amendments and have them read. Then they plan to have the entire bill read on the Senate floor.  This will take two or three days.  With God’s snow storm and the reading of the bill it’s not looking like this will pass before Christmas.  That would be a huge victory.  When those Senators go home they will get an ear full.

Here is a bright light. If the Democrats push this health bill through, they are committing political suicide. It’s possible the backwash will be so strong we will end up with a conservative majority in both the House and Senate.

Also keep in mind many key Democrats like Howard Dean and the Unions don’t want the Senate version of the bill.  This means there is going to be a problem in the House. They can’t rubber stamp the Senate bill.  We are still a long way before all this becomes law.  Keep praying…don’t give up till the fat lady sings and I have not even heard her warming up.

The president went to bring the Olympics to Chicago and failed.  He went on the highly touted Asian trip that was a failure.  He was going to be the One who saved the climate change agreement in Copenhagen. The Chinese snubbed him, Chavez said he was the devil, he could smell sulphur when Obama entered the room and Castro came out against him.  The Russian president didn’t stick around to have his picture taken with our president.   That’s three strikes and out. He is batting 1000 when it comes to failure.  People are seeing this climate stuff is a sham so people like Gore can get filthy rich off the backs of people like you and me.  Keep the faith…  Will Cooper      Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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