Why We Lost

This should make you blow your stack. Obama has given all government workers a 2% raise.

There is one solid reason we lost.  Money. It’s being called the ‘Cornhusker Kickback.’  Ben Nelson and that limp wrist from Vermont found the price is right for them to vote for the bill. They hit the jack-pot.  Harry Reid has access to our money and used it to buy Burris of Chicago, who last week stood on the Senate floor and said he would not vote for a bill with no public option. I can’t find out how much he was paid, but trust me he didn’t come cheap.  We already shelled out $300 million for the Louisiana vote.

Joe Lieberman caved when he was given ‘special’ consideration for his insurance companies, ie. the removal of the public option.  CT is where so many big insurance companies have their home offices.  Joe was allowed to keep his place at the head of the table.  Joe Lieberman is a two-faced guy who is looking out for Joe but  talks like he is a friend.

Ben Nelson is a liar. He accepted a watered down abortion bill, which will be stuck back in by the house. If you think the LA deal was expensive, it was chicken feed to what Nelson got. He got a lifetime no raise in the Medical bill to his state and a sweet deal for the two major insurance companies in his state.  Abortion lost it’s luster when he was presented with such a fat bribe.

Are there no men of honor left?  I hate to say this, but I have a feeling a lot of Republicans could have been bought if enough money was on the line.  I have a feeling our John Cornyn, Oklahoma’s two Senators and  Jim Demint of SC couldn’t be purchased.  Neither is Arizona Senator John Kyl’s vote up for sale to the highest bidder.

When you look at Senators like Blanch Lincoln from Arkansas, you have a feeling she will get enough under the table to retire. If she votes for the health bill, the good people of Arkansas will vote her out of office.  She will be on the street.  But if she had $50 million to retire on, she could make that vote and begin looking for an ocean side home in Barbados.

One good thing that will come out of this mess is we will see Harry Reid get his rear beat come November.  I don’t mind losing a fair fight, but it’s hard to swallow when you know the other side cheated.  It’s like playing a football game when the refs are local ex-players.   Keep the faith, November is not far away now.  Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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