On Second Thought

The Socialism train is on the track and heading our way in the form of the healthcare bill.

We didn’t lose, we simply didn’t have the key to the government vault. I just found out Reid gave Chris Dodd of Connecticut $100 million of the healthcare funds to build a big hospital.  As you probably know Dodd is running way behind in his 2010 bid to return to the Senate.

Seems to me that Connecticut is getting a lot of perks.  Joe Lieberman is their other Senator and we all know he got a big pay off for his vote. No doubt Burris of Chicago reaped some $$$$ to vote for the bill.  Chris Dodd is a crook and needs to be defeated. Joe Lieberman is all for Joe. He was going to vote yes all along, he just wanted to make sure he got paid.

Bernie Sanders was holding out for a public option until Harry gave him $10 Billion.

Ben ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ Nelson was well paid for his vote. His governor Dave Heineman, had written ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ Ben a letter asking him to stand strong and not vote for the bill because it would hurt the state. The Right to Life group from Nebraska encouraged Ben to not vote for the bill and so did the Catholic Bishops.  Trust me, Nebraska is angry. They put up a website immediately www.givebentheboot.com to raise money to defeat him in 2012.  If I were him I’d go to Hawaii or some place other than Nebraska for Christmas. It’s going to get rough if he goes home.  He is being called a traitor and I have no doubt he will lose his seat in the next election. People of that great state have long memories.

You already know about the $300 million for Mary Landrie’s Louisiana vote.  How many more deals were cut we don’t know about?  Keep the faith, it’s not a done deal YET. The House and Senate have to merge their bills, which won’t be easy. The Libs in the house want a single payer system and the Senate is saying don’t mess with our bill.  The Democrats are divided.

We have been told the world loves us now that Obama is president. This is a joke.  Hugo Chavez just said he would shoot down any American airplane that got in his air space. The Castro brothers have been slamming the president.  Cuba’s foreign minister at Copenhagen said Obama is an arrogant, imperial liar.  He didn’t like the back room deals or our president talking down to the small countries.  Russia wouldn’t shake hands with him when he went over there. China dressed him down and talked to him like he was a school boy about his reckless spending.  In fact they told him to stop spending.  England is upset with him and France said he is an amateur.  Japan felt he disrespected their Emperor and the Arabs say he is a traitor to the Muslim world. He went to Copenhagen and gained an agreement to meet again to work on an agreement. The world may not have loved George W. Bush but they feared him. They neither fear or love our current president. Iran is flaunting their power by invading Iraq and seizing an oil well.  They would not have done that had Bush been in power.  You need to put on your working boots, we have an election next November and another one in 2012. We need some real change to take place.  Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

Original Oil Portrait by the author.


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