I’m sure you have seen the systemic attack on Christmas.  It galls me when a clerk says, “Happy Holidays.”   That is why I would never buy anything at Best Buy.  They are ‘Holiday’ folks. A lot of the big box stores say Holiday Greetings and such.  When a clerk or waitress gives me that Holiday cop-out I stop and tell them “Merry Christmas.”  I often stop and tell them we are celebrating the birth of Christ.  Christ is the reason for Christmas.

What I find interesting is that every president starting with George Washington has celebrated Christmas either in their homes or the White House. George Washington threw a big Christmas party in his home.  Thomas Jefferson also threw a Christmas party in his home.  He gave his slaves a week off so they could celebrate the birth of Christ. US Grant made Christmas an official government holiday.  Andrew Jackson held church services in the White House to celebrate the birth of Christ. Richard Nixon had Billy Graham give the Christmas sermon at Christmas in the White House.  Even Bill Clinton celebrated the birth of Christ.

This year we will take Christ out of Christmas so as not to offend anyone. This is the first time in the history of our country we have removed Christ from Christmas. We light up the Holiday tree. ????????

I don’t have time to go into deep detail, but I think December 25th is not the birth date of our Lord.  I think that is the date of His conception. Which in my way of thinking is when life started.  It’s more likely he was born on St. Michael’s Day, which is September 29th.  Shepherds were watching their flocks on the hillside.  They would not be doing that in the winter.  If He was conceived on Dec 25, nine months later would be St. Michael’s Day.  Even though He was not born on December 25, that is when his earthly life began; therefore it’s fitting we celebrate Christmas on that day.

Here at the Cooper Ranch we all wish you a Christ filled Christmas and may you have a darn good 2010. If we vote out the liberals we can be assured of a great 2010.

Keep looking up… Will Cooper     Email:


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