The Eve of Christmas

May Santa visit your home and leave packages of joy and happiness tonight.

This morning the Senate passed their health care version 6o to 39.  Jim Bunning of KY had already gone home. He was a wise Republican, because their vote would have no effect on the out come. Harry Reid, in a stupor, voted NO for the bill, before one of his buddies pointed out his blunder.  So he changed his vote to YES. And we are depending on him to write a coherent bill???

I know you are discouraged, but don’t be. This thing is a long way away from becoming law. The liberal branch of the House thinks the Senate bill falls short. They want a public option and fully funded abortions.  The Blue Dogs in the House led by Stupack are against abortions and will fight to get that taken out of the bill. The House is divided on what should and should not be in the bill.  Many moderate Democrats have had their fill of Nancy Pelosi.

You have Howard Dean and the Union Bosses saying they should start over.  Liberal bloggers like the Daily Kos (funded by Soros) are saying they need to start over. The big Democrat tent is split down the middle, that is why I’m not for a big tent Republican party.

I want a church with a small tent. I want a church that believes the bible in the word of God.  I want one that believes in the virgin birth, the Resurrection and one that believes in the Trinity. I want a church that believes each word in the Holy Book was written by God through the hands of men. I want a church that believes in the second coming of Christ. I go to church under a big oak, but the beliefs are sound and our preacher feels he was called of God to minister.

I want to be in a political tent that is conservative, wanting smaller government, less taxes and individual freedom. There is a big push for a third party. This is stupid. A third party candidate will make sure Obama serves seven more years. You will defeat any conservative Republican who wins the primaries.  You are dividing the conservative vote.  Ross Perot got 19% of the vote, therefore Bill Clinton was elected with 39% of the vote.  Ross Perot got Bill Clinton elected. Everytime you think about voting for a 9-12er or TEA Party candidate, think about Ross Perot. I don’t know who, but a strong conservative will emerge and we need to unite behind him/her and make sure they win.  We will need a conservative president to work with the House and Senate and reverse this mess Harry and Nancy are putting together.   Stay focused on 2010.  We are 11 months away from making real change.

I have my Christmas shopping done and already handed out bonuses to the Twins. I agreed to eat Christmas dinner with Lex’s folks.   I delivered a basket of food to a few elderly folks in town who I knew were going to have a bleak Christmas. I delivered a box to an elderly black couple. On top of the box I had several thick steaks. The lady began to cry. They had not eaten meat in several months. They are living on Social Security and that doesn’t afford them meat.  When I got home I told the twins that from time to time they need to butcher a goat or kill a deer and take them the meat.

One of the Twins suggested we slaughter a yearling so they could have some really tender beef. My face blushed. Of course he was right. I told them sometime in February kill a calf for them. You see, I believe in neighbor taking care of neighbor and not the government.     Email:


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