Miracles Happen

Today my liberal friend and his ultra-liberal wife came down to the ranch. He wanted to pick up a saddle I sold him and more than that he wanted to tell me he and his wife had an epiphany. They saw the light.  Mind you she was an Obama delegate to the Democrat convention and he was a border line believer. The first thing he said to me as we stood on the front porch getting ready to enter the house. “Will, we have seen the light. Obama has kept none of his promises, he has others telling him what to do.”

She shook her head like a puppy with an old sock and almost shouted, “He is a puppet. He has Hillary people in there telling him what to do. He is spineless.”

Did I ever want to say “I told you so.” But since it was the day after Christmas I held back, SOME.  I did have to drop in a few I tried to tell yous, but not real heavy. They are my friends and realize they believed the lies.  They believed the lies, because they hated George Bush so much.  They never took time to look at the man, they were too busy with Hope and Change. They were ready to crawl over broken glass on the bare knees to get him elected.  Now I think they would do the same to un-elect him.  I have never seen two people with a bigger case of buyers remorse than them.

Her younger brother is going to work for the Heritage Foundation which is the best source for conservative information in the world.  He is just the opposite of her. You know me, I had to dig them a little so I gave them a copy of Sarah Palin’s new book.  He even said I have been wanting to read this.  I was shocked when she thanked me.

Here are two very loyal Obama supporters who have turned on him.  He will not get their vote in 2012.  I think this is being repeated over and over. A lot of people who drank the Kool-Aid have seen the light. They are realizing he is not what he said he was.  He just said what he thought they wanted to hear.  I’m proud to say Will’s Warriors were not dazzled by his act. From the git go you saw he was a phony. I’m proud of you, my eBay family and blog friends.

I don’t have time today to write about the foiled airplane terrorist attack. Brave passengers stopped a flight with 270 people on board from being bombed. We are just lucky the bomber didn’t have a better way to set off the explosives. It’s in all the new sources.

Also I ate way too much at Lex’s family dinner. Those German women pile the food on the table. There were seven different kinds of pie. There was turkey, ham and several pastas. Hot rolls and butter, black-eyed peas, salads, both kinds of potatoes, sweet and Irish. Trust me folks I’ve never seen that much food at one time.  I’ve been on a lot of cruises that couldn’t hold a candle to what they served. I’m still stuffed!

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