It’s Real

Original Oil Painting by Texas Cowboy Will Cooper

We have had twelve terrorist attempts on American soil since Barry became president.  Two were very successful. The Muslim terrorists who shot the two young soldiers in Little Rock and then Nidal Hasan, a radical Muslim, killed 13 men, women and a baby at Fort Hood.  We have been able to foil the others before they were carried out. 

This week we almost had flight 253 blown from the sky with 287 people aboard, plus the crew.  More than 300 would have died had the terrorist not screwed up.  Home Land Security did nothing to save us.  Barry said from Hawaii, “I understand someone tried to set off a fire cracker in the plane. We will look into what happened.”

What happened is Umar Adubi Mutallab couldn’t get his bomb to ignite. He had explosives sewn into his underwear. It’s not totally clear how he was to ignite the explosives.  He had a plastic bottle or some kind of condom taped to his inner thigh and was injecting it with a solution.  Instead of setting off the explosion it burst into flames. Adubi had a blanket over his lap to conceal his attempt to set off his bomb.

He is the son of a wealthy banker, who is also on many boards. He was educated in London and lived in a swank apartment. In other words he was not poor trash, but a well to do young man with an excellent education.  He traveled to Yemen to learn from the radical Imam who was friends with Nidel Hasan, the Muslim terrorist who killed and wounded so many at Ft. Hood. 

None of the major networks, other than Fox News, are saying he is a radical Muslim. This kid was so radical his own father turned him into the American Embassy three months ago. He was on our terrorist list, but no one blocked him from flying.

A lawyer and his wife had been on a safari and were in Amsterdam, returning to America, when he tried to board the plane. The lawyer said Abdui was dressed shabbily when he approached the ticket counter. He was with a well dressed man who did most of the talking.  They were explaining Abdui was from the Sudan and didn’t have a passport. The ticket agent sent them down the hall. The next time the lawyer saw Abdui was when he was being carried off in handcuffs. From what the lawyer is saying this radical Muslim terrorist was allowed to fly into the United States without a passport.  He was not worried about being turned away at the American port of entry. He knew he was going to blow up the airplane before it landed.

A report out of London says there is a cell of twenty-five young radical Muslims who plan to board planes heading to the United States and blow them up. Scotland Yard says there are five or six such cells. Each cell has a minimum of 20 members and they are being trained in Yemen to carry out airplane bombings. All of these radical Muslims were born in England and educated there.  They are going to come home and begin targeting  flights where they will commit suicide.  Our fearless leader sees them as misunderstood youths. He never says they are radical Muslims intent on destroying America.

A friend suggested we show them a picture of Nancy Pelosi and tell them that is what a virgin looks like.  We could stop those bombings over night. 



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