Look Out!!! It’s Coming.

Wolves by Author and Artist Will Cooper

Look for Charles Shummer to introduce House Bill 87 in the next few weeks. He and some Mexican member of the House plan to introduce a bill for amnesty for the illegal aliens to give them a quick path to citizenship. Look what’s happening. The Mexican vote was around 67% for Obama during the presidential election.  His approval rating has dropped to under 50% with the Hispanic voters. He must have the Hispanic and black vote in heavy numbers to have a prayer at winning in 2012.

What would assure him getting the Hispanic vote?  Make 12 to 20 million illegals legal citizens. As it is now written all the the illegal alien has to do is pay a $500 fine and speak broken English. 90% of the Mexicans living here illegally can speak English.  The other 10% can learn in six months.  Let’s get real about this.  If the Democrats, with the help of RINOs like John McCain, can get this bill passed they will have a 12 to 20 million voting block.  Trust me, if any don’t have the $500 fine, a liberal group will be happy to supply them the money.  The liberals paid $300 million for the Louisiana vote. $500 would be a steal. 

We are going to see a real push for Hispanic citizenship between now and November. This block could off-set the TEA Party crowd.  We should have seen this coming when Barry’s numbers fell to 44% approval.  They had to pick up the slack and what better place than with Illegal Aliens?  This bunch is not going softly into the night. ACORN is damaged, but they are still around. They will be there in November to go pick up the NEW CITIZENS and haul them to the polls, telling them how to vote. We can expect them to run bus loads to the polls.

Just when it looked like we had a clean sweep they pull an ace card from their sleeve. The new Hispanic voters will 100% vote Democrat. You can take that to the bank.  We have to make sure this bill is not passed before November. When it comes up, get your fighting boots on. We have to delay this ugly bill until after November.  I hope we can defeat it, but sadly we have RINOs like McCain and Graham who will go across the aisle.    Email:   willcooper@senkarik.com


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