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January 31, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I love magic shows. I always go to at least one each time I’m in Las Vegas.  I saw David Copperfield in San Antonio. Then last year there was a series of television shows showing how all the tricks were performed. I was disappointed to learn that pretty girl was not cut in half and that the elephant didn’t vanish, it was an illusion.

Listening to the president speak the other night I felt like I was back in Las Vegas seeing Lance Burton. The president said he gave tax cuts to 95% of the American people. Do you believe him or is it an illusion?  I know no one who got a tax cut. Maybe that was an ooops on his part.  He had his fingers crossed.

He looked with eyes of anger into the camera and said with a straight face, “The two years of recession are over.”  That’s great news. Now we need to let the Nation know so they will start spending. The past two weeks the stock market has been going down, down, down. One day it was up 12 points.  December retail sales had a loss for the first time in 30 years. Home sales are down and foreclosures are up. Auto sales are in the tank and people don’t have jobs.  Do you think the president was honest when he said the recession is over?

Here is what was the biggest illusion of the night. He said he has created jobs for 2 million people. Then why are we still over 10% unemployed nationwide? This statement destroyed all credibility for the night.

He made a lot of promises, but unlike the magic people he didn’t deliver.  The first time I saw Sigfried and Leroy (Roy for you with no sense of humor) they made a white tiger vanish. They first promised what they were going to do and then they did it. The president promised and we are still waiting.

He promised to do the healthcare bill on C-Span for the world to see. He promised this at least 8 times.

No more earmarks. He allowed 10,000 to pass through the Porkulus Bill.  He is worse than Bill Clinton. Bill would never have been this bold. I never thought I’d say it but I miss Bill Clinton.

He would read the healthcare bill line by line with any member of Congress who asked. Then when asked he didn’t even answer their letters or return phone calls.

He was going to close Gitmo…get the troops out of Iraq…find and kill Osama…and lower the oceans. The last one I can forgive him on. He just got a little carried away. In fact I forgive him on all these I just mentioned, but not his saying he lowered taxes on 95% of the people, put 2 million to work and the recession is over.  And he wonders why his approval is falling faster than stock in lighten rods?



Ross Perot

January 30, 2010

I fear another Ross Perot.

My fear is there is another Ross Perot, third-party candidate,  lurking in the dark, plotting and gathering supporters.  He may not reveal him/herself until next year. His ambitions are being fed by Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, who think we need a third-party. He/she sees themselves as that person who is going change Washington. When they see the low poll numbers of the president and that not one Republican has stepped forward to grab the cape only feeds his/her ego.  When they are out to dinner, people come to him/her and feed their ego,  “We need you to clean up that mess in Washington.”  This next Ross Perot might be mega rich or they think they can pull in great sums of money.  They watched Scott Brown bring in a million dollars in one day over the Internet and this gives them hope that they can play the money game with the Democrats and Republicans in 2012.

When the rumblings start that we have a second Ross Perot third-party candidate, Beck and Jones will be elated. The new Ross will take that as a sign the American people need him. He will do the Beck and Jones shows and build his already inflated ego.

The Republican candidate will cringe. He will know he is doomed. A well-financed, new Ross Perot, third party candidate with a TEA Party message will garner 20% of the popular vote. Obama will hold on to his 42% and the Republican will end up with 38% of the vote.  The new Ross Perot will be giving a concession speech to Obama and calling the Republican to tell him/her they ran a good race at the end of Election Night. The new Ross may even get 22% and pull the Republican down to 36%, but he will not dent the rock solid 42% Obama has locked up: Unions, ACORN and 95% of the black vote, plus the Kool-Aid drinkers like the liberal kids I hear from all the time.

If you  are stupid enough to think a third-party candidate is the answer, may God help us. It is just going to make sure we have 4 more years of a do nothing leader. Wait a minute, he is not a do nothing leader, he is killing the America we love. We have a good shot in 2012 to vote Obama out and put  a conservative leader in his place. But not if we have a new Ross Perot decide to muddy the waters. I encourage you to do all in your power to stop the next Ross Perot, third party candidate.

Expect This

January 29, 2010

It’s Bush’s fault.

The Democrats have a plan of attack this fall. They have issued a memo on how to deal with conservative candidates. They have a series of trap words that are meant to confuse and ‘out’ the conservative for the bigot he/she is. 

For example they are to ask, “do you believe Obama is a US citizen?”  If you answer no you are branded a ‘birther’.   Being called a birther is akin to being called a serial killer. When asked this trap question return with a question. “Did you have to show a doctor certified birth certificate to play youth sports? Do you think anyone running for office should prove as much as kids in youth sports do?”  You can also counter with, “Do you think the American people have a right to see his college records and know who paid for his expensive tuitions?” 

Their questions are similar to asking, do you still beat your wife?  If you answer with either a yes or no you are screwed.  This is the brain child of Robert Menendez, a Democrat smart guy. He said he wants to drive a wedge between the moderate Republicans and the TEA Party crowd.  Is this guy ever out of touch?  The TEA Party is not a Republican movement. It’s filled with Libertarians, Independents, Democrats tired of the press for a bigger government and higher taxes with a few Republicans tossed in.  I’ve been to enough TEA Party meetings to know Robert doesn’t have a clue.  What he doesn’t understand, we conservatives don’t want to support RINO’s.  We will help him drive that wedge. We are tired of liberals calling themselves Republicans. By the way, I’m Independent and have been all my adult life. I mostly vote Republican because they are closer to what I believe. I believe we need less government, lower taxes and the freedoms that made this country great.

Another wedge question,  “do we think Social Security and Medicare are socialist programs?” Of course I’m from the country, but if my memory is correct we pay money to the government for years and when we get old they dole a little of it back.  Having used our money to draw interest for 40 years or longer before we see a penny. Same goes for people on Medicare. They have already paid the government year on top of year when they were working. The government is giving us nothing, simply paying us some of OUR money back.

His big hammer question is, ” should we be on the gold standard?” Give me a break. There probably is not enough gold in the world to back up our $14 Trillion debt. Turn the question and ask the asker, “where would we get the gold?” I would answer that question with this one. “Why did FDR take us off the gold standard in 1933?”  He wanted to print more money and the constrains of the dollar being backed by gold was holding him back. You can thank the Democrats and Roosevelt for destabilizing our dollar.

Welcome their trick questions by asking them a question in return. The best advice I can give is answer a stupid trick question with a well thought out one of your own. 


Healing Difference

January 29, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

Those of you who are new to my blogs won’t know about the old rancher who grabs me every time I go eat at the local Dairy Queen.  I had dodged him recently, but he caught me yesterday.  “Will”, he shouted the moment I opened the front door of the DQ. So I ordered my food and went back to where he and his buddies were holding court. “Did I tell you the difference between Republicans and Democrats?” 

“Not that I can remember.”

“Well, a Republican in a wheelchair wheeled into the local eating joint and looked around. He asked the girl waiting on him, is that Jesus in at the corner table?  She told him yes. He asked her to bring two cups of coffee, one for him and one for Jesus.”

A crippled Libertarian limped in and asked the same question. She answered him yes. He told her to bring him a cup of hot tea and one for Jesus.

The third man was a Democrat on crutches. He plopped down at the bar and asked for a draft beer. Then he spotted Jesus in the corner and told the lady to put another one on his tab for Jesus.

When Jesus started to leave he stopped and thanked the Republican in the wheelchair for his kindness. Then Jesus touched the cripple and made him whole. Out the door the Republican went shouting with joy.

Next was the Libertarian, Jesus blessed and healed him.

Jesus then turned to the Democrat at the bar. The Democrat jumped back and shouted, “DON’T TOUCH ME. I’M COLLECTING DISABILITY!” 

I TIVOed the president’s speech last night and looked at some of it early this morning. I saw an angry, frightened man. A man who has lost control. He can no longer move mountains with his words. Even the Democrats are turning on him. He has unified the Republicans and divided his own party.  I scanned the Internet this afternoon (evening) and was amazed at the number Democrats who are running from him. They want to put distance between themselves and their president. One moment the president is wanting to stop spending and on the other he has increased the debt by $1.9 Trillion.  That is shockingly close to 2 Trillion. Was it 9 Billion he and Harry want to spend on fast railroads?  Toss is a few more billion for education. He is still pushing Cap and Trade and Obamacare.  Instead of going to the center, last night the president went Howard Dean left.

I love the pictures below. Janet slept through the speech and Harry nodded off. When it was so boring it put his key people to sleep, what can I say?   Email:



January 28, 2010

Working Man’s Boots painted by Will Cooper

The new administration has called on all of “we the people” to be willing to sacrifice.  Most of us are sacrificing but not of our own accord, we just simply don’t have the income. The true unemployment figures are 17.5% and many of those with jobs are underpaid.  I know my income has dropped. Feed is higher, beef prices are down and we are fighting all sorts of ways the government wants to tax our industry.  I wouldn’t mind sacrifice if I saw some at the top. When Michelle Obama can spend $450 on afternoon snacks when in New York, staying in a suite that we are paying for, why should the rest of the country suffer?  America doesn’t have Kings and Queens.  With all of Jimmy Carter’s faults he didn’t waste the tax payers’ money. He was frugal and so was Nixon.

Let’s look at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. 106 House and Senate Members and their families went over to take part in the scam. Almost every day a new piece of evidence is produced showing the data was faked to make it look like we have Global Warming.  15 Democrats and, I’m sad to say, 6 Republicans went over and spent $4,406 each for two nights in the hotel. That’s right, $2,200 per night.  I paid $200 for my hotel room in Santa Fe and thought it was a rip off.  I’m sure that group didn’t fast the two nights they were there. I wonder what they spent on food?  Total cost of hotel rooms and hospitality suites? A cool $400,000.  But it’s our money so it doesn’t matter.

To get there they flew commercial at government rates. Fifty nine members of the House and Senate staff flew over, the cost of their seats ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 each.  Total $408,064. Getting the president, Nancy and Harry over cost more than I can calculate. We had to take three fighter Jets for protection. The president took about 60 people with him. Now that guy knows how to sacrifice.  In all they took about 165 people at your and my expense.  No wonder they are saying , “Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can. We have an unlimited bank account to party on.”

And the government wonders why “we the people” don’t trust them?


The president and his teleprompters Jan. 19th addressing a 6th grade class.


January 27, 2010

There has been a lot of talk about the Democrats shoving the health care bill through with a trick known as reconciliation. This is a special process used to pass tax stuff. It’s not meant for things like the Obamacare bill. Before Christmas Harry Reid, the big dog in the Senate, swore he would go this route. They would only need 51 votes to pass Obamacare in the Senate with reconciliation

Yesterday Blanch Lincoln, Senator from Arkansas, and Evan Bayh, of Indiana, said they would block all efforts for a reconciliation vote. These are Democrats who are in tight races for their seats. Criss Dodd, who is not going to run again, said we need to back off Obamacare and Democrat Jim Webb, Senator from Virginia, said we need to slow down and let the dust settle before we try to move forward.  Other Democrats are saying we need to scrap the mess we have and start again, this time include the Republicans. Trust me, Scott Brown’s victory has scared the pants off the Democrats.

The Republicans have promised to clog up the reconciliation bill if the Democrats try. They will keep adding on foolish and outlandish amendments that all have to be voted on. This could go on for a year and Harry Reid knows this.  I won’t be so bold to say the Obamacare bill is dead but it is bloody and bruised, sprawled out on Nancy Pelosi’s office floor.  I don’t think they can resuscitate this horrible piece of legislature. We can’t get cocky, we have to keep our eyes open and be ready to immediately get back into action should that trio try another dirty trick.

Too bad, I’ll be busy and won’t get to hear Mr. Obama’s spin on how right of Ronald Reagan he has become.  I’ll be watching two Television shows, Friday Night Lights and Leverage as I dabble in oil paints.  I know I’ll miss hearing the president say me, my, I and mine 140 times.


Ellie Light

January 27, 2010

I had planned to ignore the Ellie Light story, but it keeps hanging around.  Drudge broke the story last week, but I thought I would pass on making any comments; however, it’s still dangling around like a Florida Chad. There is a fictional letter being sent to newspapers all over the country and each one is signed by Ellie Light. Ellie is a pro. “She” says “she” is  from the area the newspaper is located.  For San Francisco Ellie is from Daily City, in New Jersey “she” is from a local community, same with New Mexico and a myriad of other states. She comes off as a local woman concerned about the unfair treatment the president is getting in the news. She speaks of how hard he is working and how it’s not his fault president Bush left things in such a mess.

The letter is of professional quality. It’s good enough that newspapers want to run it, including USA Today.  The letter doesn’t gush too much, it really sounds like a little blue haired woman who is protecting her president and wanting people to know he is working 36 hours a day to solve the problems left by the previous administration. Several think it’s the work of David Axelrod or someone in the White House. To date Ellie Light has been published in over 50 newspapers.

Why don’t we have an Ellie Light telling what a real mess the country is in under this president? Why don’t one of you become Millie Wright?  Send your letter to three hundred newspapers telling the truth.

What Ellie fails to say is the president gave a speech to 30 sixth graders in the DC area.  He used two teleprompters to address the classroom.  There he stood with two towering teleprompters on each side.  He was stiff as a board as he talked down to the children. I couldn’t help contrast the photo of George Bush sitting in a chair in Sarasota and reading the story of a goat to those children. He sat and continued to read as if nothing happened after being notified of the first Tower being hit. His Secret Service was scanning the school grounds to make sure it was safe for him to leave. The Secret Service feared for the president’s life, not knowing how wide the plot was. When all was clear Bush stood and without a teleprompter thanked the kids for listening. He was immediately taken to Air Force One where they flew him to Nebraska.  I wonder how Ellie Light would have covered the Bush story.

Exit question. Would you need a teleprompter to speak to a sixth grade class?


Two Wolves

January 26, 2010

Two wolves, which will you feed?

I sure hear a lot of grumbling and griping from my readers. Of course I’m driving the liberals nuts. As Bob Hope would say, “That’s not a drive, but a short putt.”  I expect the left to be upset with my words. I hear a lot of wringing of hands and voices of fear. It is what it is. Our attitude will be what makes the difference.

May I remind you of the story of the two wolves. A young Indian boy was speaking with his wise grandfather when two wolves stepped from the trees. One of the wolves snapped at the other causing concern with the small boy. Sensing the lad’s concern the sage told him, “Son, there are two wolves in all of us. They battle daily.”

“One wolf is evil…it’s always angry, full of envy and jealousy. In that wolf you will find sorrow, regret, greed and arrogance. He is full of self-pity, guilt, resentment, and suffers from an inferiority complex. He lies, is full of false pride and has feelings of superiority with a huge ego.

The other wolf is good. He feels great joy, peace, hope, serenity and humility. He has kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, compassion and faith. Best of all he tells the truth.” We should all seek to be the good wolf.”

The grandson thought for a moment and then asked, “Which wolf wins the fight?”

The old man paused for a moment and answered, “The wolf we feed. We feed fear and it will grow.  We feed the truth and it will win.”

Be careful of what you feed your wolf or it may end up eating you. I have read one of the causes of cancer is resentment. Deep down resentment turns malignant. Get rid of the resentment and the cancer has nothing to feed on.  The next ten months you can either focus on winning in November or the minor flaws of a candidate. What you feed will win. In your personal life if you feed negative habits they will win.

Exit question. Which wolf will you feed?


Sarah and the RINO

January 25, 2010

Sarah Palin, the voice of the people.

I have received several emails from my readers complaining about Sarah Palin going to Arizona to give John McCain her support. Questions like: What will the 9-12 and TEA PARTY people think of her?  They should think what a person of honor she is to stand by the man who gave her a chance. Without John McCain none of us would have known much about her. I had only read one article on her and probably would not have thought of her again. The national news was not going to cover Sarah from Wasilla, Alaska. John McCain pulled her from the frozen tundra up to the National Stage. What kind of trash would she have been to refuse to help the man who gave her a leg up? He did more than that, John gave her a National platform so her voice could be heard.  Down here in Texas we don’t do well with fair weather friends.

I frankly don’t give a tinkers damn what the 9-12ers and TEA Party people say. She did the right thing.  I only voted for McCain because he was less of a socialist than the other guy. The media helped pick the Republican candidate, like they did with Dole. I do know the 9-12 bunch was interested in Sarah running on their ticket. You can forget about that. She is a pretty smart girl and knows a third-party is a bad thing. It would get Obama reelected and that is why if she runs it will be as a Republican. This is a two-party country. Never forget, Ross Perot running as a third-party candidate got Bill Clinton elected.

There is something Americans have lost and that is loyalty. When Sarah shows some loyalty you get upset like she committed an unpardonable sin. Sarah sees John McCain as a war hero and respects his stand for security and strong support of our military. I wouldn’t respect her if she got ‘too important’ to help the one man who saw something special about her. Sarah Palin is greatly admired on the Cooper Ranch. She is coming to Texas to help Rick Perry and going to travel with Michael Bachmann on her campaign.

I think the only way she runs in 2012 is if we the people draft her into service. I think she is enjoying being an independent voice and being a thorn in the Democrat’s side. Get off your high horse and realize she is doing the honorable thing in speaking with John at some rallies.  Haywood, who is running against John, is down 29 points in that race. Haywood has resigned his talk radio post, but just remember he is no Scott Brown and McCain is not Coakley.  McCain has moved to the center right. If you listened to his recent speeches he is sounding like Ronald Reagan.  It’s worked for Obama and I suspect it will work for McCain.


A Texas Granny locked and loaded

Talk Radio, Etc.

January 24, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

I love talk radio and Fox Cable News  in the evening.  If I would allow myself I could become a junkie. The one reason I have not become addicted to talk radio and television is because I know they are in the entertainment business. They do and say things for ratings. Rush Limbaugh didn’t become the power he is just giving out boring facts. I do think Rush speaks the truth, but he puts his on slant on things. He fully understands he is in the entertainment business. Glenn Beck has found a niche with what he is doing on television. By the way I think Beck is better on television than radio. He gets too silly for me on the radio.  Here is where I part with Glenn. He is itching for a third-party.  He asked Sarah Palin if she would consider running on a third-party ticket.  Thank God she said NO.  All we need is a conservative third-party, like the TEA party to make sure Obama is in for four more years. I hope Beck doesn’t try to push the 9-12 Group to run a candidate. Let them do that on the local level.

Sean Hannity screams too much. He and his guests are always screaming when they talk. Greta is okay, but nothing special.  At times Bill O’Reilly is good. He talks over his guests a lot.  He is also the top of Cable News Television. I can’t stand Shepherd Smith.  I never watch the left-wing bunch. I read that Air America, the left-wing talk radio folded this week. If you ever heard them you would know why.

I think Michael Medved is good, Hugh Hewitt, Neal Borts, Dennis Prager, Laura Ingram and Mark Levin are all good. Since there are over 500 conservative talk radio hosts I can’t name them all. You have to be careful listening to Michael Savage too much.  He is an angry soul and before you know it you are angry and upset as well.  His real name is Michael Alan Weiner. Savage knows he has to insult and bring out your rage to keep his ratings. I know many of you listen to Savage. I’m saying you need to wean yourself.  It’s not good to remain in such a state of frustration and if you listen to Savage much you will be hating like he does. Savage is a bitter man. You never hear any joy in his messages.

It’s not healthy to listen to a lot of talk radio, it’s not good to be a Fox News junkie. If you listen to Rush you will find much of his stuff comes off Drudge or the other new media outlets. This is true for all of them.  Sean has a story and Greta repeats it.  They got their information off the Internet.  The bottom line is ratings. All of them will do what they can, no matter what, for ratings.

Exit question.  What is the last book you read?