Once in a Blue Moon

Stimulus Money Map

The blue area is Democrat and the Red Republican.  Obama gave the blue districts $450 million each and the red districts got just over $200 million of the stimulus money. Of course some got more than others.  Ann Coulter said it best. The Democrats need to learn to go last, they will get more money. If this is not the most corrupt time in government then when? Bribes and pay offs are routine. Votes are being sold right and left. 

We have a blue moon tonight. This happens every 2.7 years.  A blue moon is a 13th full moon in a year. I think if it happens in the fall old timers called it a harvest moon. They could see to pick their crops. Think about this. Before we have another blue moon, we will have cleaned out the House and Senate and be on the verge of getting a new president.  It will not be easy, but we can vote the liberals and RINOs out this November and stop the wild spending.  I read that Obama has spent more than all the previous presidents combined.  I know this, my business is hurting and if they pass  cap-and-trade it’s going to put some of us little folks under.  I’m getting the numbers together for my CPA and I don’t like what I see. It’s looking like I’m between 20% to  30% off of last year. Part of that is due to the long drought we had and the other I place at the feet of the Democrats.

My Christmas bonus to the men was the smallest I’ve given since we started this operation.  We butchered a steer so they could have meat on the table.  I saved out a couple of slabs.

California Charlie had a son this fall and named the kid Will.  Poor kid.  Charlie is happy as a lark and madly in love.  For those of you new, Charlie is a dot-com, rich guy who purchased a ranch next to mine.  He made millions in a dot-com business, sold out and wanted to move to Texas.  He loved Texas, but the land was not as kind to him. When his mother died he moved back to San Francisco.  He moved here a liberal. I converted him and now he is a flag toting conservative. 

Cowgirl is getting married. I’m pleased for her.  I’m happy for her and the children. They are great kids, but I don’t want to suddenly become a father of teen-aged children.

I’m enjoying Lex.  Taking her to see the Spurs tonight. They play Miami. It’s an early game. So far she has not started hinting marriage. It’s so hard to think of marriage with the ranch business so tight. But she would be a good ”en.

No New Year resolutions.  Just another 365 of the same.  Hope to continue blogging and posting paintings for eBay. 

I don’t plan to wait till another blue moon to tell you how much you are appreciated.  I do this for you.  Oh, one more thing. My dog Bandit has a bigger place to sleep than he needs. He sleeps 20 hours a day, gets free medical care and does no work.  His meals are prepared for him. I just realized this morning my dog Bandit is a Democrat. (smile)

 Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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