It’s a New Year

Three Reasons you should work to elect some new folks in Congress this year.

Thank the Lord 2009 is past. We saw more destruction to our country this past year than we did in WWII.  Internal destruction. We have always known there were  little backroom deals going on in Washington, but nothing on the scale we saw this past year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my Rep and Senators to be taking money under the table.  I hope for an honest government. I wonder if that is possible. We have the best opportunity we will ever have to vote out the scum and vote in some honest people.

Don’t anyone tell me there are no honest politicians. The two Senators from Oklahoma are overflowing with honesty and integrity. Jim Demint from SC is a stand up guy. I think John Cornyn is as well.  We don’t need two-faced people like Ben Nelson in the Senate. We have a wonderful opportunity to right the ship this November.  Make part of your New Year resolution to work your tail off, give more than you can afford and speak to all who will listen in support of some honest men and women to lead us out of this darkness.

I entertained running. I visited with some retired state Senators, Speaker of the House and several House members.  Each encouraged me to run, but also cautioned the amount of money I would have to raise to beat the liberal in my District.  He says he is a Blue Dog, but votes liberal on everything that comes in front of him.  They also told me it would be a fulltime job between now and November.

My Twins are good at what they do, but they couldn’t run a ranch the size of mine for long spells.  There is more to ranching than tending to sick cows, mending fences and fixing windmills. There is a business side they are not equipped to handle.  I love them too much to burden them with things they can’t do. My running is out, but I will work my tail off for any conservative who runs against Henry Cuellar.

For the past year I have tolerated a young liberal who fact checks my blogs. If I misspell a word or place a comma in the wrong place he writes.  I have in the past thanked him for catching my blunder or pointed out what I think.  This week he wrote me and I responded by saying I didn’t want to pay $75 per cow for green house gases.  He wrote me back something about government subsidies.  I told him milk cows were the ones the government were helping. Then I looked up what the tax will be on a dairy cow, $182 per cow.  If you are milking  100 cows you will have to fork over to the government nice chunk of change.  I explained that to him.

He came back that he did eat not meat and didn’t care how much the cattle industry was taxed.  Explaining we are not taxed as high as Europe. It was clear to me he had never been to Europe or he would not want to make America like that part of the world.  The roads are so narrow it’s hard for two bikes to pass.  The towns are dirty, the people don’t bathe. They women have hair under their arms and on their legs. They are the rudest people I’ve ever met.  I told him to not write me anymore.  I have nothing to say to anyone who wants to put me out of business through some phantom gases that have not changed the world in a jillion years. He needs to move to Europe and sleep in a tiny room, walk four stories up and carry your groceries home in a well-worn bag.  You can have Europe.  It was fun to visit and so was Mexico.  I wouldn’t move to either.

When Texas was settled we had millions of wild horses and deer were as thick as fleas. There were 10 million wild longhorn cattle and 20 million buffalo roaming this great start. There were at least four times the amount of green house gas producers back then as there are now.  Those animals didn’t change the climate.  Man and animal can’t change the climate if they wished.  To prove my case, man can’t make it rain.



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