Obama at Islamic Prayer Meeting Just Before Christmas

The president is telling any who will listen that America is not a Christian Nation.  He didn’t attend the Christian Day of Prayer and has only been to a Christian church one time since he was elected.  However, right before Christmas he had time for a Muslim Prayer Service.  In the above photo he is getting ready to pray to Allah.  Is this who Obama really is?  My grandmother used to say, “Will, what you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.”   He bows to the Saudi King, which is proper for a Muslim. It causes us to question what his faith is?

Our president has sucked up to the Muslim world in hopes they would stop killing us. When Farouk tried to blow up the flight to Detroit the president, after waiting three days, said he was a misguided, lonely young man.  Finally, now that the evidence is so thick he came out this morning and said Farouk was part of a larger Al Qaeda plot.  He didn’t have any choice but to come clean, even the liberal press was outing Farouk. By the way Obama was briefed three days before Christmas of a possible terrorist attack.  Isn’t it time we got a real Director of Homeland Security?  Janet is out of her league.  The president has his head in the sand.  Those folks want to kill us. Being nice to them only means weakness. They think we are weak. They are smarter than most people think, we ARE weak. 

Dick Cheney has been preaching we are not safe under Obama and this latest bombing attempt proves it.  Can you imagine George W. Bush waiting three days to address the issue to the American people. He would have had boots on the ground in less than two days.  Most things I’ve read believe this was a trial run.  The terrorists made trial runs before 9-11 to work out the kinks and see how we reacted. The Foreign Minister of Yemen says there are 300 more just like Farouk ready to give their lives to destroy America. 

My question to you.  Will Obama destroy us from within before the Terrorists do it from outside?  

I made the statement man can’t make it rain and one of my readers challenged me.  Hugo Chavez seeded clouds for months and didn’t break his drought.  We had clouds seeded when we were going through the worst drought in the history of South Texas.  We got a few sprinkles.  I’m not sure Chavez even got sprinkles.  Man can’t make it rain. He can get a few drops of water to fall but that’s not raining.  Global warming is a hoax. This is the coldest year I’ve had since I started ranching.  It’s going to be 25 tomorrow night.  It never gets that cold here.

And one final thought, going green has just taken on the color of rust. As most of you know Biodiesel fuel has been getting a $1.00 a gallon kick back from the government. That kick back ended the first of 2010 and biodiesel fuel plants are folding faster than a deck of cards in Las Vegas.  29,000 people have been laid off in anticipation of the cut back on funds. When Congress failed to renew the dollar for every gallon produced the companies couldn’t compete with regular gas.  We have people who were conned into buying biodiesel cars and trucks and now they won’t be able to buy fuel.  It was stupid in the first place.  If this had been a free market idea and someone had figured out how to compete with gas then it would have worked.  The government can’t pay such an exaggerated amount and expect it to be successful.  Another great government idea that went under.  

I’d disgusted enough to work hard to clean out the liberals and RINOs this November and elect a new president in 2012.  Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com 


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