He Dis’ed the CIA

One of two things is happening right now. Either the president doesn’t know any better or he is purposefully putting our CIA in harm’s way. I didn’t hit me the first time I heard him speak, but then the light came on.  In his speech he told the Taliban/Al Qeada that their plot to kill a bunch of our CIA members was successful.  He told how many were killed and wounded. The CIA top brass is livid with Obama. I hope it was because he didn’t know what he was doing. If it’s the other way around then that is treason.

First he told the enemy our interrogation techniques.  Now they know how to train to not talk when captured.  He has blasted the CIA for not doing their job.  Remember right after he took office he had to go to Langley and calm the angry people at the CIA.

I have a lot of smart readers. One suggested that Obama wants the terrorists to be tried in Civil Court so he won’t have to sign the death warrants. If they are tried in a military court and sentenced to death he would have to sign the order.  It’s some kind of mortal sin for one Muslim to kill another.  The civil courts would spare him from having to do so.  I don’t know if he is a Muslim but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then chances are pretty good it’s a duck.

He goes on the air and says the Detroit airplane bomber was a disturbed, poor, lonely kid, an isolated case. Which was not true and he knew it. Farouk’s father was president of the central bank of Nigeria. He was raised rich, like so many in the 9-11 attack.  Many of those terrorists are from wealthy homes. They are not killing themselves because they are depressed, it’s a Holy thing to them. It took Obama three days to respond and a week to say it was Al Qeada.  If the near fatal attack over Detroit was isolated then why have the US and UK closed their embassies in Yemen???  They closed them because it’s not safe. The Saudis told him back in October to expect a Christmas surprise.

I hate to mention it but the Obama administration said, “We should never miss taking advantage of a crisis.”  Maybe they wanted a crisis to distract from the Obama health care mess. 

Can you imagine us closing an embassy out of fear?  

The six CIA men who were recently killed in Afghanistan were in a remote outpost.  They were meeting with an informant.  He had been in the camp a dozen times.  In fact so often they stopped body searching him.  He was from Pakistan and was picked up at the border by an Afghan.  The Taliban made him a double agent.  He came the last time loaded with bombs. The Afghan who picked him up was also killed.  Trust me, the president’s speech is being played in every terrorist camp in the world.  He is admitting they were successful.  Our CIA is so good at what they do, we seldom lose one.  So for them to kill six and seriously wound several others is a feather in the terrorist’s cap. 

Finally, how are you liking this global warming? I heard from NC you are getting freezing weather and it’s going to get a lot worse.  Looks like Florida will get a deep freeze and probably lose the orange crop.  Record cold and snow in the north.  The entire globe is being hit hard by freezing blizzards.  It was too cold for the global warming nuts to protest in Copenhagen.

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