Baby, it’s COLD outside!!!

Oil Painting by Will Cooper

Went to church under the big oak, only with this kind of cold weather we move into a barn.  The rancher made heaters from two 50 gal. drums.  He welded a grate about 12″ off the bottom and knocked holes in the drum around the bottom. He fills those drums with mesquite wood and we got so much heat we all removed our coats. I know what I think of as cold most of you see as a bright sun shiny day.  We are expecting a low of 26 degrees tonight.  Please understand, most winters we may get one day under 32.  All this week we will be in the twenties.

Iowa is 30 degrees colder than normal for this time of the year.  Vermont had the biggest snow storm since they started recording such things.  It looks like we might lose the Florida citrus crops. I heard from one collector in Nebraska and guess what, they are having record cold. People in the mountains of Peru are freezing to death by the dozens.  China, which normally gets cold, is much colder than normal.  Europe is frozen.   Seoul, Korea is experiencing the heaviest snowfall they have had in seventy years. Folks, the world is freezing and there are still a few goof balls who say it’s because of man-made global warming.

When I have to break the ice for my animals to drink, its cold.  I put on my WinterSilks long handles I got when I went to China. If I lived up north I would freeze to death saddling my horse.  Speaking of horses, mine have winter hair.  We don’t usually get heavy winter coats on horses down here.

This massive cold spell makes Al Gore look stupid.  He reminds me of the guy whose wife caught him in bed with good-looking babe.  He jumped up and told his wife, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”   Al is asking us to believe him instead of our freezing toes.  It was too cold in Copenhagen for the global warming folks to protest. Yet they still believe there is man-made climate change. This week the Science Daily reported that the University of Bristol said there has been no rise in the atmospheric carbon fraction in the last 150 years.  No change in the past five decades.  Yet some kool-aid drinkers still believe the lie.

I understand people are not happy with the president, but I think the people in Americus, GA, the hometown of Jimmy Carter, went too far. They hung a black doll with the president’s name on it in front of the Jimmy Carter sign.  No one knows who hung Obama in effigy.  Probably today the liberal press will blame the TEA Party or Sarah Palin.  When the truth comes out it will probably be some black organization who is trying to say the south is racist.  America doesn’t need this kind of ‘stuff’.  We can do it the legal way.  We can focus on this November and get some good people elected. Then in two years we can elect a conservative president and try to undo the mess this administration has made.  We will need to vote people in who know how to handle a mop and broom.  There is a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done.   Keep the faith. Email:


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