The Boogie Man

The Boogie Man

When I was a tow-headed, gullible kid my folks kept me close to the house by telling me about the headless horseman.  For sure they had seen him crossing the little bridge over Mustang Creek near where we lived.  Blood was running from his neck and he carried a giant blade to extract his revenge.  Trust me, there was no way I’d go near that bridge at night.  But, being a nosy kid I did venture down there in the daylight to see if I could find his horse’s tracks.  Sure enough one day I found a set. I ran all the way home.  Looking back I now realize they were the hoof prints of a Draft horse owned by an old man down south of us.  They had done such a good job selling me, my mind filled in the blanks.

Is Osama bin Laden the headless horseman?  Have we been told so much about him being the great boogie man that our minds fill in the blanks?  How could he have so much power living in a cave?  Our CIA met with bin Laden before 9-11 and reported he had renal failure and was on dialysis.  In fact in July 2001 he checked into the American hospital in Dubai. As a favor to the King, or whatever he is, we opted not to arrest him.

I read a piece that said he couldn’t be on dialysis because he had no electricity in his cave. They didn’t realize there is peritoneal dialysis. This is where the dialysis solution is fed into the peritoneum by gravity.  No electricity is required but he does need a large number of supplies. If we really wanted to find him we could put the squeeze on the Dialysis companies or company in Pakistan to tell us where they deliver his supplies.  He would use about 20 liters of fluid a day.  In other words he uses a lot of boxes of solution.  Some company is delivering the solution to him. They know which cave he is in.   IF HE IS still alive.  Maybe he is just a boogie man.  Maybe Al Qaeda is trying to make us think bin Laden is still calling the shots. If he doesn’t have a place where he can be sanitary when he does his dialysis he could get an infection and die in a few days.  I wonder if this has not happened.  Al Qaeda is keeping his people thinking he is alive and fighting.

One thing I find interesting is we know more about Osama bin Laden than we do about Barack Obama. We have the birth records of bin Laden.  We have his school records and have complete knowledge of his life.  We don’t even know what kind of grades our president made in middle school.  Bin Laden was the only son of his father’s tenth wife.  She divorced and married again, giving birth to three boys and a girl.  This is the family bin Laden grew up with.  And when I say grow up he did grow up, he is 6′-4″.

How can it be we know more about a man who is set on killing every American than we do about our president?  Something is wrong here.  My suggestion is we vote out the one we have and elect a president who we know what their middle school grades were.   Email:


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