Janet Incompetano

Original Oil Portrait by Will Cooper

Are they lazy or just plain incompetent?  It took the president five days to address the diaper boy’s bomb.  Janet Incompetano said, “The system worked.”  Then all hell broke out and she admitted, “The system failed.”  In her case I don’t think its incompetence, but she is plain stupid. She was a horrible governor for Arizona, only Arnie in California is worse.  Because she is gay and the administration wanted to appease the homosexual voters, they appointed her.  Let’s face it folks, if you are not extremely radical and far left, a tax cheat, or gay you probably won’t be asked to serve in this administration. His latest appointment is transsexual.

Now the president is finally going to tell the American people what really happened. It is going to shock us the headlines read. Today this administration admits that we discovered the diaper boy was a terrorist after the flight left Amsterdam. They planned to talk with him after the plane landed. Is that letting the horse out and then locking the barn door?  He was trying to blow the plane up over Detroit.  There would have only been tiny pieces to investigate had he not blundered.

It’s time we started profiling.  Who does all the bombing?  Cowboys like me, wearing a big hat, boots and a belt buckle the size of a plate or a young Muslim?  One of my friends is the CEO of the American Football Coaches Association.  He has lived in Waco for 40 years and flies several times each month.  He still has to take off his shoes and they check out his laptop.  His picture is in the local paper more times than Obama and still they make him go through a full body search.  This is incompetence at it’s best.  Think of the millions of senior citizens who fly and have to go through all of this craziness.

The world knows those doing the bombings are young Muslim men. You don’t see any Olympic athletes bombing planes…yet they get the full shake down.

The diaper boy paid cash for a one way ticket.  I recall flying to certain countries where I couldn’t get on the plane unless I had a return ticket. How can he fly over here with a one way ticket?  He had no luggage for a two-week trip.  Even an old cowboy like myself would take a change of wranglers and a shirt or two.  He was able to get the seat where the bomb would do the most damage.  Our security is definitely on top of things.  They canceled his visa this week.  They are only two weeks late.

If I were married I wouldn’t want some sleaze seeing my wife’s naked body with those full body scans.  I think for them to scan children is child pornography.  There is a law against this.

We are so stupid.  Now people can’t have blankets or books in their lap one hour before landing.  We will see if the flight attendant takes a Koran. This will bring on some ugly lawsuits. You can’t get out of your seat for an hour before landing.  So if I’m a terrorist I will just go to my luggage two hours ahead of landing.  I will wear a big heavy coat to cover my lap so I can put my hands in the coat’s pockets and through to the bomb.   We are always behind.  That’s because Barry thinks that being nice to the terrorists will make them like us.

It’s time for Janet Incompetano to go. She makes Janet Reno look good.   It’s time to profile.  It’s time we stopped being PC.

By the way, Barry is the first president to miss the Army/Navy game in 110 years and he is the first not to celebrate Christmas in church.  We must vote him out in 2012.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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