High Tech

Original Oil Portrait by Texan Will Cooper

Tonight it’s projected we will get down to 15 degrees.  I know what I’m getting ready to say will please some of you animal lovers.  We got down to 24 here last night and probably won’t get over 32 for most of the day.  None of the old timers ever remember it being this cold, EVER. It maybe Monday before we climb into the lower 40ies.  My dog Bandit would get a tad cold on the back porch. He is a short-haired dog.  So, I put him in one of the barns.  The barn with a few horse stalls.  I tossed down an old saddle blanket and made sure Bandit and the barn cats had water. I brought all the horses into a pen connected to that barn.  The barn has a shed or porch that extends out about 25′.  There is room for my two dozen horses to snuggle up under the shed out of the elements.  I noticed the cows bunched together under groves of trees.  Cattle are smarter than people give them credit for.  The calves are gathered in the center, with the adult cows on the outside of the circle.  The wildlife around here have enough brains to find shelter.

We are feeding the animals and the twins are using blow torches to unfreeze the water tanks.  We will have to blow torch the surface two or three times today, because the water re-freezes.  It’s cold enough the water re-freezes pretty quickly.  So far we have had no broken pipes we know of.  We wrapped the pipes coming out of the ground.  My heart goes out to you cattle people north of me.

I ran into a guy I know at the HEB Grocery Store.  He started on me about green house gases and how we are destroying the world.  His basket was full of veggies and tofu type stuff.  Frankly I had no idea we had such goof balls down here. He decided I was evil because I raised cattle and we were killing people by selling them beef.  I listened as I unloaded my shopping cart. Yes, now that Mandy, my housekeeper, has retired I buy the groceries.  He was wearing a tee-shirt with a slogan about saving the planet.  When I had all I could stand I became the barbarian I truly am, grabbed his tee-shirt, pulled him into my face and whispered, “If you want to keep your teeth, shut up.”   The little girl checking me out gave a bright smile and so did an older man standing behind the guy.  Trust me, I came close to feeding him a fist sandwich.  I’ll admit the color blanched from his face. He stood there shivering in his sneakers.  He used to be a fairly smart guy, but the green crowd got to him.  He has changed. Global Warming is a religion.  He was converted to a green house believer.  His diet is not giving him enough protein to keep him healthy.  But it doesn’t matter, he is dying for the cause.

Barry knows one more terrorist attack and he is out.  Even if it’s not his fault, one more attack on American soil and the American people will no longer trust him.  They will think he can’t keep us safe. They know Bush kept us safe.  Barry is walking on egg-shells. He is adding a slew of US Marshals on flights.  I’ve seen some of those air plane marshals.  They don’t make me feel secure.  Now we will be getting novices to protect the airways. We are always attacking things instead of profiling the kind of people who set off bombs.  I got the feeling in one of Barry’s speeches he is ready to profile.  He knows his job is on the line. Since all the bomb attempts and killings have been done by Muslim men, why are we wasting man power on grandmothers and small children? Unless Barry comes out for profiling young Muslim men, the bombings will continue.  I don’t know why people trust him now.  He told us 8 times in various speeches he would do all the proceedings for the healthcare bill on C-Span for all to see. He would have the most transparent government ever.   They won’t let C-Span near the meetings.  But then they are Democrats, what else should we expect?

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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