Shooting Civil War

America’s greatest leader, George Washington.

One of my eBay family members suggested this morning we may end up in a shooting Civil War. I respect this person very much, but he is letting his anger cloud his clear thinking.  We can’t turn the clock back to when the citizens were armed equal to the military. I explained, duck and deer hunters were out gunned by professional military. It’s an interesting thought, but one that would end up with a million or so farmers and ranchers killed by highly skilled and heavily armed military people.  I realize Texas is part of the United States today, because citizens took up arms against a powerful Mexican army and defeated them on the battlefield April 21, 1836. In truth we were better armed. The Texans were armed with the Kentucky long rifle and the Mexicans with the English musket.  The musket was more of a point and shoot gun and the Texans could hit a turkey in the head at 300 yards with the long rifles.  In the last battle under Sam Houston the Texans lost 18 men and killed around 600 Mexican soldiers. 

If a few hundred of us banded together the military would fly a drone over and wipe us out.  There will never be a shooting Civil War.  That would be like a Jr. High football team playing the Dallas Cowboys. There is only one way we can win and that is by voting. Acorn will be out there helping Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck vote. We know they will be doing voter fraud, we just have got to overpower their efforts with real people.  Keep your focus on voting.  Keep your focus on getting real voters out. 

I saw the president blaming Bush and patting himself on the back for the great job he has done.  Let’s get this straight, increasing deficit spending will never cure recessions. It’s been tried.  In the 1930s we had the New Deal.  Lawmakers under FDR doubled federal spending, yet unemployment remained well above 20%.  Only World War II cured the recession.

In 1990 Japan responded to a recession by passing 10 different stimulus bills over an eight year span. They built the largest national debt in the industrial world, yet the economy remained stagnant. 

In 2001 George W. Bush tried to boost the economy out of a recession by giving tax rebates.  This is a stimulus with another title. His efforts changed nothing.

Then in 2003 Bush cut the tax rates and we had a recovery.

Bush made a big mistake in 2008, he tried to head off this recession with another round of tax rebates.  We all know how that turned out. The recession continued to worsen.

In 2009, not learning anything from the Bush mistakes Barry pushed through a $787 billion stimulus bill.  He promised this would keep unemployment under 8%.  We are at 10% and when you count the people who have given up looking for a job that number is between 15 & 17% unemployed.  Now Barry and his folks want another big stimulus spending bill.  If they do, we will remain in a deep recession for a long time. 

Solution: Give people and businesses a tax cut and encourage more business investment into economic growth. instead of redistribution of people’s wealth, give help with less taxes. It worked for JFK and Reagan and it would work for Barry Obama.    Email:

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper


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