EVIL !!!

The word evil gets tossed around a little too much in describing people.  I believe there is evil in this world, but not every act of man is evil in the true meaning of the word.  It’s easy for the left to say George W. Bush is evil or for the right to say Barry Obama is evil.  Neither of those men fit what I think of evil.  I don’t think Barry’s pushing us to socialism is evil.  He deep down thinks he is saving the country. Everyone he knew growing up were socialists, his mentor Frank Marshal Davis and his Chicago buddy Bill Ayers, who ghost wrote his books.  His wife. His pastor. His college professors.  Barry even taught a course on Saul Alinsky.  When a person has been dipped in a bucket of socialism, they come out a dripping radical left winger.  I know a few of you think Barry is the anti-Christ, but he is not. He is just the most inept president to ever serve. That doesn’t make him evil.  Jimmy Carter held the record till Barry came along and Jimmy is not evil.

A friend said evil is live spelled backwards. Think about that (smile).  Evil is the opposite of living.

I think anyone who molests a child is evil. Don’t give me that they are sick line…they may be sick but they are also evil. I read a disturbing article in the San Antonio Express, telling of over 30 cases the police and FBI have solved this past couple years.  One molester was a doctor from Kerrville. If you can’t trust your doctor with your children, then who? The courts threw the book at this guy.  They sent him away for 25 years.

A band leader was arrested and is going away for 8 years for collecting child porn. He had 22,000 images of children being raped or in sexual acts.  He also had over 1,000 videos.

A high-tech military man was arrested for child porn. He used military grade encryption to hid his stash. He got 12 years.

A male nurse broke the record. He had 300,000 porno images of children, some as young as six months old.   He got thirty years.   These men are evil, because when they get out of jail they will go back to downloading child porn and molesting children.  This is evil out in the open.

Al Gore and his close associates are evil.  They know they are lying about global warming, but they keep pushing forward.  The government just released figures and this year is the coldest in 151 years.  When I think of people changing light bulbs and walking around their homes in the dark to save the earth, my anger toward Gore and his gang overflows. The Global Warmist bunch is evil.  There is no difference between what they are doing and a child molester. Gore is doing it for money and the bible says the root of all evil is the love of money.  The molester feeds his sickness and Gore his bank account.

Most of the porn is coming from Russia and their satellite countries. The scums find a small child and offers them food.  The kid gets in the car and they use them for sex films. Indonesian families sell their children to be used in porn.  This is evil.

Avatar has spawned off 3D porn Companies that are making animated porn. This is the latest form of pornography to hit the market.  This is sick.

Exit question:  What can we do?

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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