Harry Reid

Harry Reid praying. He needs to do a lot of this to make up for what he is doing to America.

This country is facing a lot of stuff more serious than Harry Reid saying Obama was a light skinned Negro with no dialect. No one can question Reid’s loyalty to Obama. Reid is going to fall on his sword over this healthcare bill for Obama.  The people of Nevada will not re-elect Reid.  I find this kind of stuff silly.  We lost a great Senator from Virginia over something about as bad.  I better explain bad.  I don’t think Harry Reid speaking the truth was bad.  George Allen was running against Jim Webb and the Webb bunch sent an immigrant from Kenya to follow Allen and photograph everything he said and did.  One evening George spotted the Webb camera guy and pointed him out to the crowd and said, “This macaca fellow has followed us around taking pictures.”

evidently in some remote African country macaca meant monkey. The Washington Post wrote a front page story saying Allen was calling blacks monkeys. Webb won.

Do you remember Howard Cosell? He made Cassius Clay, who converted to Muslim and became Mohammed Ali. No one did more for the black athlete than Howard. During one of the football games he was announcing a small, black halfback broke free on a 90 yard run. In his excitement Howard said, “Look at that little monkey run.”  He didn’t mean it as a racial slur, but the next season he was gone. Howard didn’t live very long after he was yanked off Monday Night Football.

Trent Lott was visiting Strom Thurmond on the old man’s 100th birthday.  Trent was trying to cheer up Strom and said he would have voted for him had he been old enough. Strom ran as a segregationist. Trent Lott was forced to resign.

Bill Clinton, talking about Obama, said to a friend, “Only a few years ago that feller would have been bringing us coffee.’   Bill Got a pass.

Jessie Jackson called New York Hymietown because of all the Jews living there. He got a pass.

My point to all this is, the Nation is being too thin skinned.  I was in Las Vegas 7 or 8 years ago, turned west on Charleston and just over the railroad tracks spotted a McDonald’s. I parked and started walking in when I heard shouting. It was two young black boys about 6 years old.  “Hey Honkie, what you doing in our part of town?” I stopped and looked to make sure I was hearing right. One of them repeated the message. “You got it right Cracker, we don’t want any white Honkies in our town.”  I smiled, went in and got my coffee.  They were waiting when I returned and I can’t print what they called me on the way out.

On the other foot, if some little white kids had called a black man a ‘n____’ it would have been front page news.  I’m tired of the double standard and I’m also tired of things being taken out of context.  I personally can’t stand Harry Reid, but I also don’t think he should have to resign.  We will take care of him in November.  Somehow, someway America must stop being so politically correct.  Lives are destroyed over something that said without malice.  At one time in New York City, people called each other Spades, Kikes, Wops, Krouts, Spics and all sorts of slang names. Perhaps that was a tad extreme, but no one filed discrimination lawsuits over being called an ethnic slang name.

It’s time America chilled out.   Exit question.  When is the last time you used the N word in private?    Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

Thanks Butch for the best picture of Obama ever!!!


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