Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

Words like this big one, obfuscation,  are not part of our daily conversation down here in the sticks. Mostly we say things like, “Help me, this pipe is stuck”. Or “That old bull, he is on a ornary kick the past f ew days. Or we might say, “Let’s stop and grab some chow. Whose turn is it to climb the windmill?”    Nothing really high faluten down here. But on occasions words like obfuscation seems to be the best one to use. The word means to confuse, make un-clear and stupefy. I think obfuscation pretty much describes the Obama Healthcare Bill.  It’s so confusing not even those working on the bill know what’s in it. It’s full of legaleze, which confuses even the brains in the House and Senate. The bill has stupefied the American people. We cannot understand why they keep pushing so hard for something less than 35% of the people want.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have done a masterful job obfuscating the truth. This pair has made the truth obscure and unintelligible. I think Rangel had it right. He said, “Why should I read the bill? It would take a dozen lawyers to understand what’s in it.”  At least he was honest with this issue, even though he had several hundred thousands in rental income he couldn’t remember.  He is a tax cheat, but he did come clean on the healthcare bill.

I’m not sure it’s going to pass. The Union bosses are having a face to face with Barry and they hate the bill. Even Ben the “Bribe Taker” is having second thoughts.  If Scott Brown can win in MA he will give us 41 and the Dems will only have 59. We can filibuster and stop this craziness.  Right now Brown is running even with Martha Coakley.  I have a gut feeling Brown is going to win. Coakley has asked Barry to come help her. Brown shot off a message to Barry, “Butt out of this race.”   There is a 70% chance that Brown will win and that will put an end to the healthcare mess. They will have obfuscated for naught.   Exit question. Why has Obama not held a press conference since July???    Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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