2009 Rooster

Those who are honest will admit 2009 was a horrible year for our country.  If you could photograph America we would look like this rooster.  December sales were down .03% from 2008. This is the biggest drop in recorded history. Today on Drudge there was a piece that said inflation was up 2.7% and wages dropped 1.6%.  Remember back when the government was pushing through the ’emergency’ pork bill they called a stimulus? I told you we were going to see inflation. You can’t borrow more than you have and not create inflation.

In 2009 “Cash for Clunkers” severely hurt the auto industry. Thousands of so-called clunkers were taken off the market and crunched into scrap metal. A lot of good cars were destroyed. A lot of people can afford to make payments on a $4,000 car but are dead in the water if asked to do the same on a $40,000 vehicle. My first pickup truck was a used one. I paid $2,300 and struggled to make the payments.  In my business I have to drive a pickup truck.  I could only carry one bag of feed in a Ford Fusion.  I read in the San Antonio Express that new car sales were way down. I also read that many of the auto dealerships have still not been repaid by the government on “Cash for Clunkers”.

We can make 2010 a good year IF we stick together and vote out the big spenders. If a Republican is a big spender send him packing along with those liberal Democrats.  Let’s vote people in that put America first.  2010 can be great, but not unless we unify in cleaning out Washington DC.

I just mailed in my income taxes. Ouch!!!  I don’t mind paying taxes, I just hate to see what I worked so hard to earn be redistributed to people who sit around on their rears and do nothing.  I don’t mind helping if people show a willingness to work, but we have a country full of ‘entitled’ people who expect us to take care of them.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

Ps. Actor and leftist Danny Glover said the earthquake in Haiti occurred because of our failure to come to an agreement in Copenhagen. Pat Robertson said it happened because Haiti turned from God. In truth, we have had earthquakes from the beginning of time.


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