Buyer’s Remorse

One Great Reason to pray no harm comes to the president.

It’s pretty clear the reason why Barry selected Joe Biden. It was protection.  One look at Biden and we all fall on our knees praying for the president’s safety. But that has not helped the president where buyer’s remorse is involved.  More and more people who wasted their vote on Obama/Biden are sick about what they did.  In the letters to the editor almost every day there is a letter that admits they voted for Barry and Joe and how sick they are they wasted their vote.  When I get a chance to catch Rush, Sean or Glenn I hear people call in and sheepishly admit they voted for the Democrat team and what a big mistake they made.

When I was a young man working in the oil fields I managed to save a few thousand dollars. A buddy was going to look for a pickup truck and asked me to come along. I had never owned a new car. No doubt the salesman was licking his fingers when he took me for a test ride. The smell of new leather was more than I could resist.  He gave me more than my old pickup truck was worth.  What I didn’t understand he would have discounted the vehicle that much anyway. I strapped myself with big car payments for three years. After a month I was deep in buyer’s remorse.

Only 39% of the people who voted for Barry said they would again.  He was elected with 52% of the vote.  He has lost 13% of his supporters through buyer’s remorse. You can put this down, this remorse is going to grow. This time next year I bet only 30% would say they will vote for him.  Especially if he shoves this bad health bill through. He will face the wrath of the American voter in November 2012.   Exit question:  Who do you want to see run against Obama?   Email:

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper, tired cowboy and part-time artist.


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