The Democrats are like lemmings, blindingly following Obama off the cliff.

Whose fault is it that Barack H. Obama is president?  You can’t blame Obama for trying everything in the Saul Alinsky book to get elected.  The president of the United States is a cushy job. What other job can you get that will allow you to take your wife to a New York dinner and catch a Broadway act? Fly in on a 747 with 4 bullet proof cars and three helicopters waiting. The streets have been emptied and you are driven to your café, where you and your wife dine alone. You order expensive dishes just to nibble and see if you like the taste.

In one year you traveled more than George Bush did in eight. You order in a pizza maker from St. Louis to cook for your guests.  No pizza in Washington DC is good enough.

The question what would you do and say to land such a plumb job?   Would you tell the lemmings that you would lower the oceans?  Obama did. Whatt is sick 52 million people believed him. He promised eight different times he would hold healthcare meetings on C-SPAN for the world to see.  52 million lemmings believed him. He was going to pull out of Iraq and close Gitmo, 52 million lemmings believed him.  He was going to have the most transparent presidency ever.  52 million lemmings believed him. He was going to balance the debt, 52 million lemmings believed him.

47 million of us tried to tell the 52 million he was stretching the truth…a nice way of saying he is lying. 47 million of us knew he couldn’t lower the oceans and balance the budget. We saw the empty suit. We knew no one man could do all he was promising. In San Francisco he was ready to ban guns, in West Virginia he was for gun rights.  In one stop he was against abortion and the next he was for it.  He told the group of lemmings he was addressing what they wanted to hear.

It’s not his fault 52 million Americans are stupid. They may have big time educations but they don’t know enough to get in out of the rain. My concern is we still have millions of stupid, lemming like people who support Mr. Obama even though they know the truth about him. America has a lot of idiots who have been given the right to vote.

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